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3 proven things women can do to be more attractive


Look your best, be yourself, and find reasons to smile.
Do that somewhere where you can get noticed by the type of guy you're into and you'll get asked out. Will probably not even take long.

Incidentally, I think that Miss America comment was BS. Really physically attractive women get asked out unless there's something really off with them or they act as though they want to be left alone, and even then they are likely to have some dude roll the dice. If Miss America hasn't been asked out it's because she's not been hanging around single men.

- Cham
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The Miss America comment reminds me of the Jerk Syndrome, as described in one of the Discworld novels written by Terry Pratchett:

This is a condition that may be experienced by a woman who is so beautiful, so alluring, that any man with half a brain isn't even going to think about asking her out, because it's obvious she's too grand for the likes of him. This leads her to believe that the problem is at her end, and that there must be something wrong with her. This persists until she meets a man who does not have half a brain (i.e. is too stupid to realize she'll likely reject him, or is so used to rejection that it doesn't bother him, or has some other flaw that stems from an even more major flaw), and he does in fact ask her out, and she is so grateful that she says yes; it is implied that problems ensue because she is, as it were, going to a fancy, lavish restaurant and only ordering a bread roll and maybe a small salad.
Anyway, I disagree with having a list of 'things to make yourself more attractive'. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all; what I find attractive may be the complete opposite to the next guy in the line, and so on. However generally speaking, the majority of people - regardless of gender - do not wish to be with someone who is smelly, dirty, etc.* (Although I'm sure there are some people out there who rather like that sort of thing...)


If I was single and had the opportunity to ask out a fantastic looking chick, I would take it. It wouldn't matter if I was poor and she was rich and famous. If she was hot and didn't have an annoying personality, I'd still roll the dice. Why not? Worst case scenario is I get told to get bent. I am certainly not in a small demographic of males who think very much the same way. Now if something was really off with them, like bad BO, a squeaky voice or a tendency to make inappropriate comments, then I would pass, but there's men who are willing to overlook a lot for the privilege of dating an attractive woman.

As far as beauty being in the eye of the beholder, that's only true to a limited degree when the beholder is a man. Certain things are pretty much universally appealing to men, and certain things are pretty much universal turn-offs. Trying to act a role is a turn off to both genders. Conceit is up there too, but is even more unattractive when worn by a woman. A sense of humor, or even just a positive attitude and/or cheery disposition is a very big turn on for most men. Women amplify their physical beauty substantially when they smile. Being more than a little overweight is attractive to only a small demographic of men, but anorexia is attractive to even fewer. Generally men are very easy to please compared to women.

- Cham


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I have a better list:

1 - Treat yourself and guys and everybody like human beings and lay off the entire concept of dating/asking-out/relationships and just be people

2 - Treat yourself and guys and everybody like human beings and lay off the entire concept of dating/asking-out/relationships and just be people

3 - Treat yourself and guys and everybody like human beings and lay off the entire concept of dating/asking-out/relationships and just be people

That's basically the solution to the "overly-attractive woman's problems".

As soon as everyone goes back to basics and starts treating people like human beings again, then it just takes another guy to do the same and boom.

It sickens me when both guys and girls alike think of themselves as objects to have/be and approach so little as even daily interaction with the opposite sex like an audition process or something. That's why for years and years and years I could never even so little as make and hold eye contact with a woman. And even today I still struggle with it, even though it's no longer an issue. I already know that SOMEone places the expectation upon me before we even look at each other or talk, and doing so terrifies me to the point of me shying away and never even attempting. As a result, females become something like a "non-human anomaly" of some sort. Like an alien. So nothing ever gets started.

So start with the WOMAN going back to basics, and maybe somehow by accident, guys like me will finally break through for you (irrelevant now, but still... that's the solution).