3 poems... just wrote them

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The first is about a friendship that ended over stupidity. I see this person every day and I miss them, but I hate them... The way I wrote this was sort of Jack Kerouac word-vomit-ish... IDK. The second one is about my relationship with the guy I lost my virginity to, and how things sort of go around again and bite you in the ass...in the end he lost me and I promised myself I would never let that happen again. The last one is about my dad... But in reality you can take them however you want, I mean, they're open for interpretation, and I want them to affect people in different ways... Anyway, here you go... I added the last one, just wrote it... I'm sure you can figure out what it's about... IF not, then you suck.:yes: Comments welcome...

my mouth is full of mint dripping with every word I speak
lighting up question after question
trying to begin again
clot the white of your blood under your skin
the bruise is invisible and you can smile and close your eyes just to cover up the sin
every day another test
another lie
another regret
if everything turned out the way I wished then you would still be here holding me down so I didn’t trip
if it hurts then it couldn’t be worth it
but every time I see you and walk past I fall in hate again and wish for something better
than this
than this…war raging inside my head
combating each other to end in a misguided bloody mess
funny how friendships rot and rust with lack of emotion into dust

an icebox encases my chest
expelling all the waste built up inside of me
watching as the blue runs from my veins into the abyss in front of me
kill me with your savagery
save me with your pain
forget I was ever here and fall out of love again
control your movements to coincide with your new life and trend
murder the mere thought of being together with one word
one look
tearing me up from the outside in
pleasing everyone around you
wearing your celebrity skin
remember the memory of never again
remember me until you can see the truth
I’m never coming back to you

burning clean
I will always remember the day you left me in my own puddle of guilt
reaching for stones to stack for a wall to build
protecting myself from your anger and sadness
knocking me down with three words
I hate you
you continue to walk
I continue to bleed
my flesh burning clean until I feel you leave

i’m never going back to that day
flat on my stomach
pain on my face
fighting back through everything
pushing toward the end
trying to begin until you force me into my place
i close my legs and shut my mouth like they all tell me
say nothing and allow this fucking treatment to pass right on through me
i am not an animal
not your little toy to destroy
i swallow my fate and refuse to cry
touch me with the edges of your fingers
burning through the callous of my skin
just the thought of you turns my stomach
your voice makes me sick
and everything you ever did no one will ever see
except for me
no one will ever know the monster you became underneath the roof of that old building
with a gun in your hand and your shirt half open
with blood running from your gums
the paste of you between my teeth and on your seat
you shrug as my cherry drops and you forget
i will never forget
bleeding out every shred of shame i have i crouch down
cover my eyes
and hide
i push my hand to my stomach and keep it all inside



Can you people NOT reply? Why would you read it and not reply. I HATE YOU ALL.
Very good imagery! Altho I don't much like freestyle poetry considering it takes no skill, other than imagery. There is no rhyme to it all.....

Nice poetry from a freestyle perspective!


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I really, really liked it. :] I like how you thread your words together, and how much emotion is expressed through them. I admire you, and hope to see more of your works.