3 new sigs



Those are nice man! i like the VC one the best, but i really like the idea of MJ sig..keep it up!
The Vince one is great. Barkley use to be one of my favorite players, but the Jordan one is just bad for some reason I like the idea but, I don't really care for the sig over all. The first to are really nice 8/10 on those but, a 7/10 one the jordan ones.

Tracy McGrady

Vince carter one looks sick i like it. Barkley one is ok, but I like the Jordan one. Nice job. Keep it up.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
*glomps teh Vince one* I love this one best^^; Whoever thought u can make a b-ball player look good in purple >>; Man that Charles sig's bg looks awesome I have to tell ya, never seen one like that before, made me stare like an extra 30 sec. at it lol. I don't like the MJ ones though, Blend is no good and the colors look like they clash against each other. for the first two I give an 9/10 while teh MJ ones I give an 6/10. Awesome Job Balti!


1px black border on the Jordan one and its awesome.