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3 more days and fly away!


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We leave Tri-Cities at 7:00 pm Friday to head to Florida to catch our cruise ship....we will be gone the 2nd (evening) to the 11th??? something like that...

I wish I could say I was excited, but truly I am not....First of all Flying scares the crap out of me....been in a small plane twice before just flying over our three cities here and I was sick all day both times, but I have never been in a big plane ........ So I am already sick about this and this is nothing to how I feel inside about what has happened on the other side of the states....this truly has put a damper on my excitement...
I spent the last few days worried sick about Iggy, and after I heard her voice on the phone I was so excited, but after I did the dance I just started to cry...I was so scared and I guess when I knew she was ok I just lost it....weird huh???
I have many emotions going on inside me...first scared, second frightened, third paranoid, hahahahha I know I am a nut...but truly I wish I could be soooooooooo excited, but instead I feel sorrow!
Not to mention I am having a real hard time with leaving my babies...most of the time I feel like "MAN I NEED A VACATION", but now that I will be away from them for so long I am sick.......

Ok enough of this crap....I go to the doctor in a few to get sea sickness patches and something for my anxiety.....
I am sure I will have a good time....but the before thoughts are scary to me....


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Awwww Trina...~big hugs~....you are going to have a fantastic time once you get there....trust me!!
Leaving the kiddies is always tough, but when you know there is so much chaos going on for so many, it just makes it that much harder. I think your feelings are perfectly normal, I'd probably wonder more if you weren't feeling this way!!
You have been looking forward to this trip for a while now!! You of all people truly deserve a vacation, so please go and have a wonderful time; let some of the burden you always shoulder take a dive into the ocean...forget about lifes worries for a while, and get to know Trina again!!
As far as flying, you've done it before so you know it'll be okay, just think of the fabulous view of the world you get to experience while you're up there.

I hope this helps a little...if not...send ME your ticket!! :D


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hahahah HERE (holding out ticket) hahahah naaaaaaaaaa I think hubby would be mad!
I know I will have a good time....just scared and worried....

Thank you for all the kind words and incouragement!!


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Trina! I forgot about your trip!!! The motion sickness patches work wonders though you'll end up a little groggy until you take them off. I love them though and wouldnt dare fly without it :) I hope you have a good time while you are there... take TONS of pictures and seriously, dont let the street hustlers get to you. :D Have fun sweetie!!!


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I'll be flying the friendly (???) skies shortly after you leave and after you get back. (Wed - Monday) I'll wave if you do? :D

If you have only flown in a little plane a big one is much different! I don't like to fly either but do it as often as I can (yeah that makes sense doesn't it)? Can't promise the flight will be smooth all the way but can promise it will be a whole lot better than any you've flown before.

Can totally relate to how you are feeling. Both the stuff in the south and the little goobers. Feel the same way. Glued to the TV in mostly horror and will miss my little sanity taker by the first evening I'm away (OK not the FIRST evening since I'm leaving in the evening :)) How about the next morning when I don't get my hugs and kisses?

But I've left her before and I'll be doing it again. You call a whole lot (although from a ship not so much cuz it's $$$$$$$$) LOL I usually find that the reason for needing the vacation comes back to you very quickly after you get home :lol: They'll be fine! Yes you do deserve this vacation!

Iggy is fine....kiddies will be fine......You can't single handed fix N.O. (although say your prayers and whatever else you can) so just go and enjoy yourself! Ahhh that's an order.....


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Angelspeak is right Trina you will have a ball once you get there and get rested and settled in. It is normal to feel this way!! Oh by the way HI!!! LOL Long time no talk eh!!??? I have just been SOOO busy!!!

We are gonig to the Smokey mountains next week and I am excited about getting away too. NO big planes for me, but I look forward to relaxing and seeing those beautiful mountains!!! I'll wave at ya'll from the ground!! LOL


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So everyones getting ready to go away for a bit huh?? I'm starting to get a little seperation anxiety here.....I'm gonna miss you guys!!
So, I'll just say goodbye now, before I need a tissue or somethin' :hmph: ....

Trina, have a GREAT cruise; unless I go for the cash instead, mine'll be in January, so bring back lot's of adventures to talk about!!

Nanner, go win lot's of money, then come back and give me some!! :D

Jenn, have a great time in those mountains, and don't forget the bugspray!!

Iggy, I know your adventure isn't a vacation, but your doing the right thing, and bless your big heart for sharing your home with those less fortunate....Godspeed getting to Florida!!

Now I'm off to cry....geez....I'm pathetic!! *BIG HUGS* to you all!!


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AngelsPeak said:
So everyones getting ready to go away for a bit huh?? I'm starting to get a little seperation anxiety here.....I'm gonna miss you guys!!
I guess you & I are the only ones NOT goin on a vacation, huh? It's okay, we'll sit & share the kleenex box & have a lil cry together :(


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Julie said:
I guess you & I are the only ones NOT goin on a vacation, huh? It's okay, we'll sit & share the kleenex box & have a lil cry together :(
I can always count on you Julie *sniff-sniff* Thanks!!

iggyshotthebear said:
Awww dont cry!!! I'll have internet :) Just slow internet lol
But, there's still the drive from there to there (now that makes a lot of sense)!!
And yeah, slow internet is better than no internet! :D
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