3 Hours Sleep vs. None at all..


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whats the verdict guys?

I just got in from a run in the car with my mates, its 3:50am, I start work at 8am, so need to be up in approx. 3 hours.

Is it worth my while getting just 3 hours of sleep or should I just pull an all nighter?

Only working till 1:30pm, and the shift usually goes in pretty fast.

Help :p


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I always find that its easier to pull all nighters simply cuz when I fall asleep I want to stay asleep and it is SO HARD to get back up. If you pull an all nighter, slug a few energy drinks, coffee or whatever, stay up all day then around bedtime take some tylenol PM and sleep like a baby.


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I actually had this very problem last night. I got home around 4:30 in the morning and needed to be at work by nine. I ended up calling off because I couldn't get out of bed.

My advice? Stay up and get some good coffee.
I agree with pro. When I fall asleep for more than 30 minutes it's extremely hard for me to get back up - not to mention being proactive and fully awake. I'll be in a zombie state where I don't know what is going on and frankly I wouldn't care.

Depends how you do though, marsup. If you can function with 3 hours of sleep then do that. If not, then stay up and keep your mind busy so you don't fall sleep. If you can, try to get a 30 (or less) nap.
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For me- I'd stay up. I can usually go off very little sleep (i'm used to it- 3 hours is normal for me during the school year) but if you usually sleep in-or get a lot of sleep, and have a hard time getting up- I agree w/ vilky- 30 min or less; it'll be enough to rejuvenate you- but I wouldn't do it now- do it about an hour before you have to leave, so then you don't waste that energy trying to stay awake.


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i do it often, all nighters, then head to work the next day, still going as normal. but when the day gets on, i slow down, then get to the point where i dont care anymore, and ended up getting really shitty. but then i get the best night sleep eva the next night. its Great. haha


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I should have stayed up all night. I have a headache now with 4 hours of interrupted sleep (on and off). If only it were not interrupted, a few hours of sleep would be fine. My body is used to it.

Btw, in case you get really sleepy do sleep for 30-45 mins max. Nap. A bit more than that but fewer than your normal sleep hours and you'll get a headache.


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Now 5 years ago I called 3 hrs a power nap and kept on moving. I could also go for another 30hrs easily after that without a problem. Today not so much. I limit all nighters to a minimum and even coming off of good rest (usually 6-7 for me), by hour 30 I can get pretty distorted. I say if you have to do anything responsible like work or drive get whatever sleep you can. Just make sure the alarm works for you and you can get up.
On that note, I've got to go to bed like right now!


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I'm pretty sure I would have taken the 3 hours of sleep. I have to do that quite a bit when I have the early 6:30 shifts, and even though it is very very hard to wake up when that alarm goes off in what feels like only seconds later, it does help me go just a little longer during the day before I reach that point where I'm so tired I can't function. Everyone's body is a bit different though.