3 Dead People in the House


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Ugh. Why do people do this? I've heard of at least a few others who were caught with dead bodies in their house this year.

FOXNews.com - Illinois Police Say 90-Year-Old Living With 3 Siblings' Bodies - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

Strange stuff. Seriously though wouldn't the smell be unbearable to the neighbors? I'd be interested in knowing how the police found out about these bodies.

Why do I have a sudden urge to watch some Alfred Hitchcock movies? :shocked:


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It just amazes me at how people live like that. I'm betting when they siblings died they were just too scared to call police as they were thinking they might be charged is the only thing I can come up with for something like this.
one of whom may have been dead since the early 1980s, police in suburban Chicago said.

Interesting story. I'm also curious why she decided to keep them instead of calling the coroner. Maybe she wanted their body and spirit around until she passed? :eek:


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Strange story,sad too.
I wonder why she told the neighbours the story's that she had,and why nobody ever noticed the smell,decomposing bodies must smell awful.


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oh my god, thats awful! and they were her siblings aswell, how the hell do people seem to manage to hide stuff like this for years and years without actaully being caught. and i agree hybrix, how do the police suddenly "find out" about these bodies all of a sudden just out of the blue. very strange indeed


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So, I read the story earlier, and keep trying to come up with what to respond with, but really, there are no words. I can't imagine what would possess someone to just not tell anyone. I wonder if money was a factor, they didn't have the funds for burial charges or whatnot.

Also, I suppose after keeping the first body it would just get easier and easier to keep the next ones.