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3 day auctions or a full week?


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I cant decide if a three day auction is worth it over a full week. Does anyone know the best items that sell better with a three day auction over a week? What is the benefit of just three days over a full week?


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3 Day auctions are nice when people want the win the item quickly and receive it just a few days after bidding. This works well for hyped up items (Tickle-Me-Elmo's, etc) where 10 days later the market could have changed.

Otherwise, if it's just a normal item I tend to put 7 to 10 day items up.


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I have wanted to try a 3-day listing in the past but for whatever reason, I always end up sticking to the 7 days. I guess for one reason, I've noticed that it's better for me to allow more people to find the auction. :nod:


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I like 5 days auctions the best for hot items that there is a good market for. For something a bit rarer - and there may only be a few buyers watching - I do 7 days.


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I usually always stick to 7 days. *IF* I have something really really hot, I'll do 5 or even 3. But that is only to generate a flurry of activity and furious bidding.

Most of the time, I think 7 days gives my item lots of time for exposure and increases the chances of me selling it!


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I think Andrew's way is best. I generally don't sell hot market items, but if I did, I would probably choose to do a three-day auction, too. As is, I almost always go 7-day.


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For me it depends on the category I'm listing in. If it's the artists category, which literally has 1,000's of pieces to sift through, I usually do a 3 day auction, mainly because the item is lost for the days in between.
If it's in a category which isn't as popular, I'll do a 5 day auction most times. 7 days just seems like a waste of time because the 3rd and 4th days get the fewest hits while the item makes it's way to the ending soonest pages.


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So hot and trendy for shorter turn around. Ive always done the full week. I figured why not have the max time on the item.


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My experience has been that the longer an item is listed the higher the bids. But I don't usually buy or sell hot items and shorter auctions for them make sense. As a buyer, I love three day auctions, simply because I get my item quicker.


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As a buyer, I love three day auctions, simply because I get my item quicker.
True enough! When I am an excited buyer, I watch those auctions all day long and it is so much nicer when it is over in only 3 days!! I am not very patient when I have found something I REALLY want!

As a seller... I like the longer auctions, since more people can actually see my item.