2Pac sig


Sultan of Swat
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Not bad, not bad at all. All three of them look pretty much the same except for some shading and a few changes to the background. There not the best sigs I've ever seen but there still pretty nicely done. Good job, love 2Pac.
I like v2, especially that heavenly look. Lighting looks good on that v2. and cropping looks good. The only negative thing is those borders. They're too thick imo.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
v1 looks best out of all of them. It's shading isn't bad and u can see the pick really well. Love the bg for it's mix of colors and that little object it nice. the only problem I have is the "C" in 2Pac....U really can't see it at all >>;


Aw, Here It Goes!
I like the thrid one the best. I likethe text and the shading on the picture. But why is his hoodie look smudged or blur or something but other than that im liking the feel of the whole sig but the text could be easier to read.



V1 with V2's text would look preety killer, I like this a lot man, very proffesional good work.


nice...i like v3 the most. i think it would look nicer if you have v3's pic, v1 bg and v2 text...