2nd Time is the Charm?


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Have you ever written something only to accidentally delete it or lose it somehow? Did you write it again and if so did you think it was better the second time?

I swear by the '2nd time is the charm" rule. Usually my first drafts are a bit careless or just not quite as well organized as I'd like. Even going back through and tweaking things doesn't always work. If I delete everything by accident though (it's usually too hard to delete everything on purpose) I can usually get exactly what I want when I write things a second time.

Anybody else like their stuff better after having to rewrite it?
I don't think this has ever happened to me. But if it did, as soon as I was done crying I'd probably be able to re-write most of it word for word. That is as long as it wasn't more than a couple of pages long.
I'm sure the 2nd draft would be better though because I'd just do the editing as I went along instead of waiting until it was finished.


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That has happened to me a few times, but i'm exactly the opposite. I feel that the pieces are better the first time that I wrote them.


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I did that with my book a few weeks ago it was so annoying cause I lost like 4 chapters. *angry

I just had to do system restore before savign my stuff, I definitely could have saved it but wasn't thinking, wasn't thinking at all.
I could be writing or drawing when suddenly the power will go out for a few seconds and my work is completely whipped out. I'm more concerned about why the power went out, but once I figure that out I'm disappointed that I didn't save every now and then.

I'm more pissed when it happens in computer online games than writing. I finally get into a groove playing games with somebody when the computer crashes/power goes out and I need to re-start the whole process again. Sucks. A lot.