2nd Round East Playoff Predictions


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Boston Celtics (1) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (4)
Projected Starters:

PG - Rajon Rondo
SG - Ray Allen
SF - Paul Pierce
PF - Kevin Garnett
C - Kendrick Perkins

PG - Delonte West
SG - Devin Brown (why isn't Wally starting at SG???)
SF - LeBron James
PF - Ben Wallace
C - Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Prediction - I'll have to go with Cavs in 6. 'Bron will do anything for him to win this series


Detroit Pistons (2) vs Orlando Magic (3)
Projected Starters:

PG - Chauncey Billups
SG - Richard Hamilton
SF - Tayshaun Prince
PF - Antonio McDyess
C - Rasheed Wallace

PG - Jameer Nelson
SG - Maurice Evans
SF - Hedo Turkoglu
PF - Rashard Lewis
C - Dwight Howard

Prediction - Detroit in 7


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I've got Celtics in 7 & Detroit in 7. With the magic finding their 3 point groove and the injury to Billups I say they force a game 7, but I'm still taking detroit on the series.
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Detroit looks like they're going to win, but they'll have a tough time if they meet up with Boston in the conference finals.


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Detriot all the way (im from michigan so im rootin for them)

i hope boston makes it to the finals along with detriot, that will probably be one of the best playoffs ever


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I shouldn't have edited... it looks like detroit in 5 after all. Cavs making moves too... I never thought they were going to make it to the finals last year. Celtics still have the extra home game so I'm sticking with Boston there.


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Detroit made it to the Eastern Conference finals....again.

Boston's going to be in trouble if they can't manage to win on the road. A finals where no road teams win is going to be so boring and predictable.


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Congratulations to the Celtics for winning another Game 7, now they'll be facing the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference finals, which should be an amazing series.

Tonight we will see who's going to win between the Spurs and the Hornets and that team will move on to face the L.A Lakers.