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Alright, I absolutely love fantasy novels, and if I have an addiction, that'd be it. For the last 10 years or so I've been reading R.A. Salvatore's series containing Drizzt Do'Urden, a rogue dark elf. The series contains a total of 25 books, 8 of which are side-stories to the main storyline and 2 more are scheduled to be released by the end of 2009. Now I can't stop reading them because of the fantastic writing but when I went to pick up the newest entry: The Orc King, I was astonished at the price! Yup, $29.99.

The actual letters are shiny silver and the pages are styled to resemble that of an old tome. It is a hard back but the book is relatively thin. Held up to my friend's hardback copy of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, The Orc King is literally almost a third of the size. Am I really paying an extra $10 for shiny letters and frayed pages?



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TimmehD said:
Am I really paying an extra $10 for shiny letters and frayed pages?
You're probably paying that extra $10 because R. A. Salvatore has a large established fan base. A publisher has to charge less for books by relatively unknown authors in order to maximize how much they make from the work, whereas they maximize how much they make from the latest volume of a popular series by charging more, since they know there are already a lot of people itching to buy it.

Alex said:
You could have gotten yourself a GF VIP instead of buying child shit.
Huh. I think if the latest volume of a series of books I enjoyed was coming out, I would buy it over VIP status here, myself. Regardless of whether or not you would use pejoratives to describe it.
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You could have gotten yourself a GF VIP instead of buying child shit.
Right, $25 to have a title put under my name on a forum on the internet would have been the mature choice, right? Damn, I should have just spent my money on intangible crap which isn't enjoyable and I get at 500 posts for free anyway. I'm going to consult you before I make any purchases for now on.

Sarcasm aside, I think that the most reasonable answer is the popularity of Salvatore, unfortunately. It's kind of sad that that's the way of things but there isn't much I can do. What pisses me off is that the Barnes and Nobles here doesn't provide the paperback of mass distribution novel, just the hardback edition so I'm forced to pay the $30 or get nothing at all.


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Also, local non-chain bookstores are more likely to carry the paperbacks. Or, if you can wait a few months, you can start searching used bookstores for them. A lot of people will buy books, read them and then send them to the used bookstore. This always perplexes me, but I have picked up a lot of really good books this way for very cheap, so I am not complaining.