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  1. Well obviously this topic is about the tv show 24. i just finished watching a 2 hour special and i can't believe they killed edgar. I mean wtf! well what do you think?

  2. Sephy

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    ANOTHER 2 hour special? 24 is alright. Definitely not my favorite show though.
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    In my opinion, 24 is far and away the most enjoyable and inovative show on TV. I got hooked about 2/3 of the way through last season and went back and rented the previous seasons. Nothing is sacred on this show. The season finale in season one they killed off Jack's wife. The season started off with David Palmer (the former President - appeared prominently in each season) and Michelle Dessler (a prominent cast member since season 2) before the first commercial.

    Is it a little over the top at times? Sure it is, but it also keeps you on the edge of your seat as the entire season takes place in one 24 hour period. Any show can pull off a changing story line each week. Any show can show cheating spouses or mind numbing attempts at comedy. However, to link 24 seperate episodes into one flowing season / day it a thing of beauty.

    Peace, John.
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    WEll I don't wanna start watching because I will be lost, but I wish I start to watch it for the beggining, also it's incredible that it's 2 hour speacials because that's a lenght of a movie for some of them it's incredible.

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