TV 24: Season 8, Episode 7 (10:00-11:00p)


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Here's for the next episode. I just downloaded it and will watch it either today or tomorrow. But for those who have seen it already....
Are spoiler tags necessary here?

If not then allow me to say that it was about fucking time Renee snapped and stabbed Vladimir to death after he pushed her around. Of course she stabbed Jack too in her blinded fit of rage but I assume he had armor on otherwise he wouldn't he walking like nothing happened.


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No, spoiler tags aren't necessary.

@squeakscolari - in case you're not done watching the particular episode, you might want to not click on that specific thread, unless you don't mind spoilers :)

This episode was nothing unusual until that time when Renee lost it. Wow. That's a good one.


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I think they'll be caught coz they're stupid and they left so much trail. And then either Dana will try to bail them out or when she can't then the truth will be revealed and she'd be in a big big trouble!
I just got around to watching this episode thanks to missing it due to studying and my room mate taking his time in downloading it.

I'm really starting to like Russian Mob dude's son. I can see him at some point trying to turn on his dad and it going horribly for him (since being a good person in 24 almost always results in death).

I would be perfectly happy if Dana gets thrown out of CTU for her past, if only for the fact that she would be gone. Her story just bores me to no end.

And when Renee snapped it was pretty bad ass, though not as bad ass as Jack pulling the knife out of his own stomach and throwing it into a guys throat. That was some Grade A Bauer right there.

Things seem to be picking up now. I won't be surprised to see the people at CTU think Jack is in on the nuclear arms thing somehow since it seems like in order to run CTU you have to think Jack Bauer is a detriment to humanity.


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I didn't see the preview. My copy ends as soon as the episode ends.

And lol, Studley. I like your episode review.

I guess I'll make the next episode thread for those of you who see it in real time.