TV 24: Season 8, Episode 20 (11:00-12:00pm)

I didn't get around to posting in the last two episode threads, so I'll make this one to even it up.

Once again, some major shit went down. Logan essentially has control of CTU, Jack went from being wanted to being hunted basically, and now Dana is dead (bout damn time) and Jack has (what appears to be) the evidence.

Is it just me or has the season dipped since Hassan died? It's still entertaining to watch, but I just don't find myself as emotionally involved now. It might have to do with them bringing back the whole "Jack vs. the Government" angle. I didn't mind it the first time, but now it just doesn't do much for me. Hopefully it picks back up in the remaining four episodes, but we shall see.
I'm still pissed with how President Taylor is basically letting Logan run the show despite his really corrupt history.

And with the death of Dana (great shot Jack) I assume Cole's wedding is off:D


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Yeah, I'm still annoyed at President Taylor.

Studley, I'm disappointed in you. I thought your main post for this episode would be celebrating Dana's death. :rofl:

That was awesome!

Oh and slow reflex of Freddie when he opened that box.

Chloé will regret being part of the Jack hunt. Maybe she'll make up for it now. And why is she being treated like shit at CTU by Logan's man - it's not like he's now head of CTU.
Speaking of Freddie/Cole and Dana, what was the purpose of putting a flashbang in a bank deposit box? Did she really expect that Jack and Cole would eventually find her out and then expect to have to use it?


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She was probably expecting that at some point her only way to bargain out of what she's done is this proof...and if it's the wrong guys who are taking this proof then she's planned to have them open it (without a warning) instead of her.
Dur, I posted something and it didn't go through.

I was wondering if no one has noticed the parole guy missing. The director was on his way to meet him earlier when Dana killed him. I hope there's some kind of resolution to that angle of the story (and the murder cover up) before this season ends.
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