TV 24: Season 8, Episode 18 (9:00-10:00am)


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Oh I just want them to crawl and beg Jack Bauer....I hope that's in the future episodes. It's annoying how they always fuck with him after he saves the day. ALL THE TIME.

The President has disappointed me. Her principles are :beurk:. This is not being concerned about the peace's all about politics. She should know that no matter how they sign it, nothing will happen if those who sign it are not even really supporting it. Geez, the Russians even did this whole elaborate plan for the signing not to push through. And doesn't she have any shame when she'll face the widow she convinced to negotiate with the very same people who killed her husband over the peace signing? Ugh. I'm just annoyed with the president right now. :lol:

And where is Jack going with his chopper? Running off to see Almeida? haha. They should just team up and bomb the White House.
I liked the Ethan-Taylor-Logan drama that happened in that office, but I was pissed at how she just kinda caved into Logan, of all people. She took Charles "let's kill President Palmer" Logan's word over Jack Bauer, the guy who fucking saves everybody.