TV 24 Season 7 Two Hour season finale tonight!

I'm making this for two reasons: 1.) Anita is behind and this way she won't have get a surprise reveal by clicking a spoiler, and 2.) Just to make sure everyone remembers that it's a two hour set tonight.

I can't wait to see how this season ends. I wanna know if things get fully resolved or if they leave some things to be magically resolved between seasons. Either way, it should be a good ending (hopefully).


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I'm excited to see it too. Of course, I'll be a little late watching it but still, I'm :hyper:.

Any predictions? Will someone important die? Will we be happy with the conclusion? Will they leave us hanging for next season? Oh noes... haha.


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Thank you Vince <3

I was actually going to come and make it myself before I forgot, glad you did it for me.

I've gotta tell you...I've been having to force myself to keep watching after what they've done to Tony. I'm still mad about it. I will try to force myself to watch the finale tomorrow during the day so I can come talk about it though. =P
And so ends season 7 of 24. I'll briefly summarize them.

First episode:

Ethan comes back to the White House and takes the recording out of Olivia's office, Kim manages to get away from those people and Jack gets taken captive by Tony but escapes at the end.

Second episode:

Olivia gets found out and explains it to her parents, Jack gets away from Tony and a whole bunch of other stuff involving Will Patton's character happens.
Well, that's one way to end a season...

I'm happy that Olivia got what was coming to her, but you have to wonder how this is going to affect President Taylor and everyone around her.

I'm glad to see they didn't completely make Tony bad, but just made him really fucking dedicated to getting even. That makes his actions easier to believe.

I was hoping for a more climactic ending though. The cliffhangers of Walker about to interrogate the conspiracy leader and Kim telling the doctor to go ahead and try the stem cell cure despite the risks pisses me off. I hope this means that they knew where they wanted the next season to go, and not that they had no idea what they wanted to do next and wanted to have alot of options.
Regarding Tony:

For a second they made me think he was covertly playing a good guy when it turns out he just wanted to kill Wilson, and that moment where he had him at gunpoint kinda made me feel sorry for him since he no longer has a wife or son.

Another thing is the talk btw. him and Jack at the beginning. Believe it or not Tony has a point, he did help destroy the CIP device, he tipped off Jack to Juma's attack on the White House and destroyed the bio-missiles at Hodges' compound. However Jack was the one who actually killed Juma and ended the canister attack altogether.


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I watched it. Still not happy about what they did to Tony's character...even if he is slightly less evil than what had been portrayed.

One part did make me LOL though...when Kim was on the cell phone in the airport and the battery went low, she had a dad moment and said "DAMN IT!" just like him.

By the way they ended the season, I'm guessing that next season will be a continuation of that day...with no time passing. That being said, I'm not so sure that Olivia necessarily will get what's coming to her. Things could still happen differently.
So we're not doing these with spoiler tags anymore? Okay cool.

At this point I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for: the president or Jack. Jack has been running around after Tony and terrorists while crippled and having seizures for the last 6 episodes I think and he looks flat out terrible. Then there's the president who practically had her daughter arrested for putting a hit on Hodges.


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I didn't see the point in spoiler tags, since the thread is for the finale anyway.

I do feel bad for the President. She also lost her son, her husband was tortured and nearly killed, and now she is turning her daughter over to the AG instead of protecting her.


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Ok, I just finished it.

President - hard decision, but I'm glad she didn't protect Olivia
Ethan - glad he'll be back

Walker - I wish she shot him in the end as a final scene.
I liked the conversation between him and Jack. Awesome.

Tony - good acting and better storyline for his motivation to do what he did today; but still...he was willing to kill Jack! (or maybe because he knew jack was dying anyway), i wonder what will happen

Chloe and the janice (?) - I keep forgetting her name. Finally they get along instead of competing.

Jack - I wasn't surprised when he called back the (hmm, dork moment, what do you call islam's version of priest? ). I felt they had that spiritual connection in the car. So kim will save dad for a while. That will last him enough for the next season. And he'll probably meet his granddaughter.

The bad guys...if they kill the sonofabitch, how can they arrest the rest of the gang?

I also think it will be a continuation of this day.