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Do you watch the 24 hour news channels?

How many hours do you sit and endure before you've had enough?

I rarely watch the news channels, the only channel I watch regularly would be Sky Sports News which I watch, on average, about 3/4 hours a day.

I prefere to stick to news updates.


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It all depends on what's happening. If there's a major news story breaking, I'll leave Headline News or CNN on in the background while doing household chores or writing. If not, I'll only watch it for about an hour or so.


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We have several. The ones I watch are I-télé and BFM TV. I switch between the two. I was glad for these channels during the US elections. They were both feeding live even in the wee hours of the morning.

The thing with 24hr news channels though, is they repeat the same news until the next segment. Could be an hour or thirty minutes. They're better for me if I want to check headlines and short stories for each. If I want in depth report, then I go to normal channels that show news every 13h and 20h.
I never ever watch news channels, unless someone else in my family happens to be watching when I walk by and something interesting is on.

Having said that, I'd happily sit and watch it if I was made to, I just choose not to because I'd rather read about it on the internet, but I'm easily pleased :D


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I watch the news alot, like the half an hour news slots, I don't watch the 24 hour news channels that often unless there is something big happening in the news and I want to be informed about it. I can usually watch about 2 hours of it before I get bored of it.


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I've had jobs where keeping-up with currant affairs was important. People would think you were thick if they were talking about something 'new' on the news and you never knew about it [mainly Army Officers]. I don't have such a job now, but I still take an interest. I watch BBC News 24 or Sky News, though I hate it in the wee-small-hours when they are on a loop. Sometimes I watch Euro News, France News, Russia News and China News [They are all in english,] but I don't pay that much attention to it, it's just like 'background noise' and if I hear something of interest, I'll pay attention.
The thing I don't like is all new news is 'breaking news.' My heart still jumps when I hear that or see the red message on the screen, only to find out it's just some womans cat was rescued by a dog or a football player was caught speeding. When I was younger, the only breaking news would be something like a plane-crash, an outbreak of war etc, and sometimes the news would interupt a program that was on at the time.

We don't have a 24hr local news channel, but I'll put the T.V on just to watch the local news.


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I actually had every last one of them blocked until this recent election and then I unblocked 2 so I could see who was winning and haven't bothered to block them again even though I just flip right on by them because I don't want to watch them. I get all my news online.


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Like whats been said mostly already, I'm not of the age generation that will sit around and just watch TV all day... especially a 24 hour news station. However if there is a situation going on either Nationally or locally that I wanna keep track of, I'll monitor all day if I have to.

A great example was the recent flight that went down in the hudson. I heard about it, had an instant interest... and I followed every waking second of it jumping from TV to radio to internet until the news on it slowed down.


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No. I only ever watch the news on the telly if I'm at my parents house. When I'm at home or at work I always have a look on the Internet for any big news stories.
I sometimes have a read of the local news on my lunch hour but I don't like how every story is depressing.


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Depends on what is on the news, if there is something on that I am interesting in I will stick around and watch and find out, but if there seems to be nothing on I will change the channel. If I am not really watching anything tho I will have it on in the background so I can hear if something comes on that I want to watch.