22-year old auctioning off her virginity

No, it's not me. Besides, I'm 24. :p

A Sacramento State grad is putting her virginity on the auction block to help pay for her studies.

She says she hopes to net up to a million dollars from the auction, which will take place in Nevada at the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch (eBay turned her down).

"I'm looking for someone who is a genuine, overall nice person."
Source: Usmagazine.com | News - 22-Year-Old Auctioning Off Her Virginity

1 million dollars! *twiddles mustache*

Who would pay 1 million dollars for a virgin? Is it REALLY worth it? I believe once you're "finish" you're going to regret paying THAT much.

I dunno, I did the math and this is what I come to:

- 5oo,ooo prostitutes, OR
- 1 virgin



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she's not even that good looking. If I were single there would be no way I'd pay a million bones to bone her. Besides that pictures looks like its badly photoshopped to!

On a side note... what if a Corporate Board wins her Auction? As a marketing maneuver ya know, sorta like Human AdSpace and Snorestop ;).... Would the whole Executive Board (the main share holders) get a crack at de-virginizing her? Hahaha Talk about the ultimate backfire!


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viLky said:
which part of her is a "virgin". That doesn't always necessary mean the front, if you know what I mean.

She isn't bad on the eyes, but I wouldn't pay that much. Just go to The beach on spring break and you can get one of those way cheaper (slightly drunk tho). :D

Back in the day of crazy eBay auctions someone actually tried this.
I'm sure some rich old fart will pay that much to play "guess what grand pa has in his pocket for you". ;)

It worked for Anna Nicole. :nod: :lol:


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That or they could use their product to do the.. de-virginizing. You know, fuck her with the new ipod nano or something... "Check out the new 8gig in action!"

I don't think a gang bang would be an option in the contract. Speaking of contract.. how the hell would they put this together on paper?


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That's hilarious Goat. But I have to agree with you, she's not that good looking, I would defenitely not pay one million dollars to sleep with her.

I think it's pretty wild that she's doing this, why doesn't she just become a stripper instead. But to each his own I guess.


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I don't understand why she would wait until she is 22 to get rid of the whole virgin thing and to a damn stranger... Great example of how money fucks people. :stare: