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    The Prophesy is Real

    (they continue to edit my work)

    All that he said would happen to me has happened. Much of my future is uncertain, but inside I am certain of what fate will bring. Prior to writing this I was stressed, and weighed down. After I completed this, I was no longer anxious. It’s Sunday, and trust me, I am aware. Understand when you read my work who “they” are. Although I only believe in one side, I understand that there is another side. I am the object of their game. I've been accused of being enslaved by my egotism, however, that accusation is incomplete, for I am egotistically, altruistic. My message scares them, makes them cry, and brings them joy. I do not desire power over another human being. I don't want to control anyone, except myself. I do however want my message to be understood by all, and not caged in their exclusive world. I am not trying to be a usurper. The signs are boundless, but no one believes entirely. Inside they do, but something holds them back from releasing my message from its cage. Believe me when I say, I do not desire sacrifice, I desire mercy. If we all followed emotion, than we will be scattered. Parts of this was written earlier. I am ambivalent. Now I understand…

    Who is else is taking the test? I wonder if I'm wrong, or If I have been tricked. Who is on my side? There are so many angels in disguise. I doubt that I can do this alone. Did they change their name? Should I carry the cross, or will I be forsaken in doing so? I was so happy yesterday when I knew the answer, but who wants this knowledge alone? Spiritual leaders have transient power. I don't mind if you live, but I can't bear to accept how they live. We can't just let them carry our planet. You should not content yourself under rulers who claim to represent your motive. I know it is said we should live and let die, but I'm not comfortable. I will remain in this child-like state knowing what you claim is maturity. When will people learn? Why can't you accept real wisdom, innocence and simplicity, the indestructible knowledge that comes from the heart. Some think I'm doomed, as if the son is consumed by the son but what does that even mean? If I were to do anything besides what I know, I would not be myself. I think and believe the philosophy of Jesus not because I have no personality and merely emulate the thoughts and ideas of others; it is because our mind is one. I in Him, Him in Me, and We are Us. There is one thing that you don't understand about me. When I read the parables of Jesus, not only did I find Jesus, I found myself.

    Blind Faith

    I have come to a Revelation, which is essential for the entire world to hear. It has been said, but not yet affirmed, that bipolar is a gift and a curse. (For some reason I type cure instead of curse for the second time) People hear this, but only those with this condition understand its true meaning. In my mania stages I am close to God. I see spiritual smoke others can not perceive. It makes me cry even, the joy of knowing a power so unsurpassed. People or doctors specifically, are denouncing these experiences as delusions, when they are really epiphanies. Many patients don't understand this and become despondent as a result. There is a downside to this condition thought, which is debilitating deep waters, which means a heightened susceptibility to the ploys of Satan, causing patients inflicted to diffuse powerful hatred to those who disturb him/her. This is why doctors fear us, and is part of the reason why they push medication so aggressively. I am vital to our nation because I understand this, thus enabling me to evoke a reawakening in the masses. No words can corrupt my certainty. It is not over, nor is this the end of the innocence, or even the eradication of evil, rather this is the beginning of the end of sin, sickness, and time. "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is in Heaven” However, I must conform to the system, and earn credibility within the system, to change the system, so for the time being, I will consent to treatment.

    Zachary Scott McBride

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    Could you make some tl;dr versions please?
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    what does that even mean?
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    I ask that everytime I read your posts.
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    I'm glad that you are consenting to treatment. It is really the best thing for you to do.
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    Yeah, my thoughts are too quick, and beyond my control at this point in my life.

    I just don't like feeling enthralled by doctors, nor do I like any stigmatization. Some of my writings may seem loosely associated, however, I make alot of good points that should not merely be disregarded.
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    It's not that the points are bad... it’s that they are way too long to read, and most people here (including myself) don't understand some of the rambling you do. Sum it up, simplify and shorten your articles to the point where we don’t have to scroll to read it all… and then someone might read it.
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    I hear you man... no easy for me to do.

    Politics, politics, and politics... the more I read, the more frustrated I get that I am not the leader of our nation. Bush is a great leader, but his foundation needs to be a rock, meaning, he can't let the pressure of realist mentalities manipulate him. Now, he speaks competitively, when in the beginning, he spoke of modesty. I am America's leader, but my country won't accept me because they fear peace. We all inwardly strive for cooperation and Love in regards to domestic and foreign policies... obstinate mentalities, fear, and mistrust obstruct this. We are one, not a bunch of nations divided by lines drawn in earlier ages. Why does no one understand this? The power of the dollar is our only enemy. Some say, if there is man, there is war… THIS IS WRONG… Competition does not have to result in war, and currently, if it does, it will be disastrous for us all… and if America continues this expansive, rather unilateral policy, it will devolve. Clearly, most of us realize, if we don’t let others play a part in world politics, it will, and already is disastrous. We must break the pseudo-line, communication, political, economic and cultural barriers that are divisive to world peace by promulgating explicitly our intentions, which must change to satisfy and compromise with the world around us. We must get the intentions of other nations out in the open as well so citizens have a better understanding of what each nation wants, and how to create the best possible system that will leave the least dissatisfied. The problem is, our current mentality is regressive, so this would not work, as I have explained. Communism, capitalism and socialism all have pros; we need to take beneficial aspects of each, and wield a political system that satisfies all. Pay for incompetent and a $15 dollar/hr minimum wage are some changes that need to be made. If the small business can not survive with this, Government will contribute to meet their subsistence. Equal health benefits for all people. No one should be rejected because they can’t afford to get medical attention. Why everyone isn’t supporting this is beyond me. Even the supposed elite should advocate these things, if in fact, they are elite. Considering I am so certain of the existence of a fifth element assists my dedication to remedy the ignored vices in our world. A better society will yield better judgment. I am not saying we should make petty changes to prevent Revolution; I am demanding major progressions, at odds with Machiavellian philosophy. We need a leader not a ruler. The only changes that should be gradual are the ones which will dissatisfy a particular class of people, even some, some need to be made despite the initial discontent, for in the long run, they will be justified. Is Marx right when he says “in order to be able to oppress a class it is at least necessary to guarantee to it the condition for continuing its slavish existence”.

    Since people throw out predictions, so I will throw out one not as logical, but equally as plausible. Here it goes. I believe that we will not fall as a hegemonic power, rather, in our life time, global unity and cooperation will reach its summit, leading us to heaven on earth. There will be no one specific superpower, for we will be led to an unprecedented equality of nations that eventually will relieve us from the borders that divide us. This I truly and sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, believe.

    My hand in this auspicious fortune, I do not know exactly. I do know I have willingly subjugated myself to God, thus further enabling us to change the world together, depending on my ability to give Him full reign. I can't let my ideas mix with perfection. Sooner or later our wills will coalesce, for we are one. This is not a simple task, so support is encouraged.

    Don't let me confuse you. I don't want you to follow me. Remember when Jesus told us "you are Gods". What I desire is that we all cooperatively search for perfection within us, and once found, we apply the will that we found with our individual keys to begin our path towards heaven on earth, Peace, and the Cure. Don't just disregard this, join me in the Revolution, a 21st century Brotherhood. (As soon as I went into my room and turned on the radio a song about Revolution was on… radio stations don’t have complete control over the songs chosen.) I don’t want to, nor can I do this alone, but I will try nonetheless, to, in the future, giving you a more thorough Reformation, Restoration, and Revolution strategy and planning. George Bernard Shaw once said, “Society must conform to the irrational man”… I am the irrational man.

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    In the wise words of Stone Cold Steve Austin...

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    ha... sometimes I ask that myself.

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