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I would limit congressional pay and benefits to those of the average citizen. When they make the economy better, they get paid more.


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Medicare works, it just works poorly. Mostly this is thanks to lobbyists (who have their corporate lawyers write our laws that they give to their paid congress-thing who submit them as their own) - these laws are written to benefit the pharma and insurance industries.

Tesla is barred from selling automobiles in Michigan thanks to the auto manufacturers there who had the existing law changed in 2014 to expressly stop Tesla from selling. This is not to public benefit.

This is how our system works. Your company lawyers draw up the law you want and some bought politician presents it and other bought politicians vote for it, because one had washes the other.

Mostly this is due to Americans being so apathetic they don't vote. They don't care. They don't write or call their elected officials. We did this to ourselves. When the politicians voted themselves raises the public took it.

People believe politicians are corrupt, but NOT THE ONE I VOTED FOR. So they keep reelecting the same useless turds who keep bleeding the US dry.

People claim to support the troops and put little yellow ribbons on their cars but won't take the time to talk to their elected officials and demand something be done.
Medicare does not work because it isn't the free market. It's government intrusion in the market. Your Tesla example is another example of government interference in the market. That example disproves your original statement. If we would leave things to the free market, we wouldn't have nearly as many issues.


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Just a few months ago, the press couldn't stop talking about Jussie Smollett and his bullshit attack. They blamed Trump and his rhetoric, they blamed conservatives, and they blamed the Republican Party. And it was bullshit. They also could not stop talking about the Covington high school kid, and his encounter with Chief Spreading Bullshit and his meth smelling breath and four teeth, and they lambasted the kid, A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD KID, and they blamed Trump, and conservatives again. It was on every news network, 24/7.

Recently, ANTIFA, a bunch of soy drinking, effeminate pansies, attacked a gay, Vietnamese journalist. Have you seen it on the news? Is Bill Maher taking about it and denouncing these punks? Has ONE Democratic Presidential hopeful denounced them? A gay minority is viciously attacked, and not a peep from any news network.

It's shameful. Like or dislike Trump, he is 100% spot on about one thing, the press IS the enemy of the people.