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The people telling you there is no crisis at the border are lying to you. Americans shouldn't have to live in fear because they live close to the border.

"Whoever tells you there is no danger out here and we don't need the wall, they have no idea what they're talking about. They don't care as long as the businesses keep thriving in McAllen or Brownsville."
Encino Residents Threatened by Cartel Members



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Crime Along the Mexican Border Is Lower Than in the Rest of the Country

The liberal CATO institute has some facts about crime along the Mexican border that might interest those of you who care about actual facts.

If the entire United States in 2017 had crime rates identical to those in counties along the U.S.-Mexico border, there would have been 5,720 fewer homicides, 159,036 fewer property crimes, and 99,205 fewer violent crimes across the entire country. If the entire United States had crime rates as low as those along the border in 2017, then the number of homicides would have been 33.8 percent lower, property crimes would have been 2.1 percent lower, and violent crimes would have dropped 8 percent.
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