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2018 Travel Plans


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Anybody going anywhere fun this year? I know we're going to England, again, in August but nothing else is planned.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Toronto, Canada, to see a Raptors game with my brother at the end of January

Going to Minnesota at the end of April beginning of May to see two Twins/Blue Jays games at Target Centre.

Extremely excited for both.


Registered Member
Went to New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival.

Chestertown, Maryland for a wedding in July.

Heading to Colorado for a wedding in August.

Going to take the grand kids somewhere when my daughter and her husband go to Vegas.


Registered Member
I've lived in Maine, United States for 28 years. But there are certain areas in Maine I've never seen yet, such as Aroostook County, which is the northern-most county in Maine.

So maybe I'll take a rental vehicle and see those areas if I can't afford to go to the Mid Atlantic states this year.
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