2018 NHL Playoffs thread


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If you're the Caps, I think you should WANT to face Pittsburgh. I mean they'll lose but still, you should wanna beat the team you just cannot seem to beat.
No doubt.

Capitals got goals from 11 different players in the first round. Penguins got goals from 12. They're the two highest scoring teams in the playoffs so far. It should be entertaining.


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Another Game 7, another epic Leafs collapse.

I hate both the Leafs and Bruins so I couldn't have cared less who made it out of this series. But man, Freddy Andersen will have a VERY long summer ahead of him.
Not caring whether Brad Marchand makes it to round 2 or gets elimiated makes you a monster. Haha.

Hopefully the Bolts can down them this round.

Looking forward to the Sharks/Knights series. The two best goalies from the first round get to duel it out. Which one will crack first? Haha.
Oh, and predictions...

Preds over Jets in 7
Knights over Sharks in 6

Lightning over Bruins in 6
Pens over Caps in 5


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Even though some games have been played I'll toss out some predictions:

Nashville over Winnipeg in 7
Vegas over San Jose in 6

Tampa Bay over Boston in 6
Pittsburgh over Washington in 4 (lol)

Crazy finish to Vegas / SJ last night with a goal being overturned and then San Jose winning it. It seemed like the correct call