2018 NHL Playoffs thread

Maaaan, I've always hated that rat looking fucker. Haha.

And if the Kings AND Ducks go down in the first round, it shall be a glorious rest of the playoffs.


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@Konshentz - have you ever been this excited about your Sharks? I guess you can say in 2016, when they made the Cup Final. None the less, pretty impressive start to the playoffs for them.
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It's been pretty awesome so far. Getting a small bit of revenge on the shitty Ducks is great. But I am trying not to get too excited. They usually find a way to let me down. Haha.

Should be a hell of a series with Vegas (I hope).


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If you're the Caps, I think you should WANT to face Pittsburgh. I mean they'll lose but still, you should wanna beat the team you just cannot seem to beat.