2018 NHL off-season thread

This is the most surreal and bizarre thing I've ever witnessed in the world of hockey.

But looking at pics of Mike Hoffman's girlfriend, she totally came off to me as one of those shitty girls that would totally do all the horrible things that Melinda & Erik Karlsson mentioned she did.

And realistically....if I'm any other team in the NHL, do you really want Mike Hoffman on your team considering the emotional baggage he's gonna bring with him with his girlfriend? I know I wouldn't. You don't need that kind of distraction in the locker room.


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Alex Galchenyuk was traded to the Coyotes over the weekend in a one-for-one trade. The Canadiens received Max Domi. Personally, I am not to happy about this trade. He was one of my favourite players, I think he has a chance to become even better than what he is today. I think the Canadiens mismanaged him by not knowing was position to play him. I am a Domi fan, and I think there is a chance he excels here, however, I still believe the Coyotes won this trade.