2018 NFL Off-Season Thread


Sultan of Swat
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This is the best thing that could have happened to Kirk Cousins. Get as far away from this garbage organization as possible.


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Great trade for KC! I don't get it from Washington's perspective...I'd rather have Cousins over Alex Smith. Now, I get it, Smith was awesome last year but he's proven time and time again he cannot get it done in the postseason. And the Skins signed him through 2022...wtf is going on!?

Anyway, it's Mahomes' turn in KC, should be good to see.

Now, if I'm Cleveland or Denver or someone who needs a QB I go get Cousins...CLE seriously...go get him


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It's definitely the most Washington football club thing ever.
It is stunning. Just when you think they can't get any more idiotic, they do something like this.

Pretty much every analysis I have seen says the loser here is Washington. Smith makes out, 34 year old with a 4 year deal and supposedly over $70 million guaranteed and Cousins finally gets out of a place that every year says, "We only want you short term."