2017-2018 NHL Regular Season thread


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Hockey starts in a couple of week’s time. The Canadiens open their season against the Sabres, and then they have a tough doubleheader against the Capitals and Rangers.

The new buzz in town is the young Jonathan Drouin. Since he is a French Canadian, he’s getting a lot of attention. He will have a lot of pressure on his shoulders because of it, but I believe he will be able to handle it. I cannot wait to see him on the ice.
I am definitely excited for hockey to come back. Sharks should be pretty decent. It'll definitely be weird seeing Marleau in a new uniform. Look forward to catching a few extra Leafs games this year.
Who will lose to them first, though? That's what I was asking. No doubt they'll lose game #1. I imagine they'll lose a ton of games. Haha.

I say they start their history with a 12 game losing streak. Haha.
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Yeah, saw that this morning on Twitter. Gonna be a bit emotional in Dallas when they'll open their season this week.