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2015 WWE Slammy's Discussion thread


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The nominees for Match of the Year were:
1) Cena-Rollins-Lesnar (Royal Rumble)
2) Sting-Triple H (Wrestlemania)
3) Cena-Owens I (Elimination Chamber)
4) Reigns-Ziggler-Owens-Del Rio (No. 1 contender match from Raw)
5) Lesnar-Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)

The Rumble triple threat and Cena-Owens are legit contenders. Those have been talked about as MOTY candidates since the second they concluded. Sting-Triple H was fun, but not even close to the best match on the card. Lesnar-Taker was fine but it was no better than the third-best Lesnar match of the year.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Sting and HHH? Is HHH's ego that big? The match itself sucked haha...it was fun like BR said but the match was bad


Registered Member
To me, it's most definitely Cena vs Owens I that should win the award. Add to that the shock factor that no one expected Owens to win against John Cena and I think it's worthy enough of the win.


The return shall be legenday!
I agree with Edgehead. I no way should Cena vs Owens shouldn't be the match of the year. Not only did it get you out of your seat after every pinfall but it was brutal physically as it comes.