2014 Book Goal


In 2013 I only read 9 books, which is pretty low for me. So I decided to set myself a goal in the other thread for 2014. I thought I could make a thread to keep track of it too. So in 2014 my goal is to read 20 books.

I'm currently reading The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett and am almost finished. It will be my first book for 2014.

Who else is going to set a book goal for themselves?


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Yeah, I should set myself a goal. Maybe I'll try to read at least three books this year. Maybe I can manage that...


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Thanks. :)

I'm going to start with Krampus by Brom. I've tried to get into that one twice already, so perhaps third time will be the charm.


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Well, I'm about to find out one guy's version of that lore. Could be interesting! :D


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I am going to aim for 15 this year. I am about to start the last Harry Potter book as I have been re-reading them, so that will be my first one of the year. I have a list of books to read ready to go, and I am going to try to make it fairly even between books I read before and new ones.


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When I really set my mind to reading I can read a serious amount of literature.

Here's what I want to read this year.

Stuff I've already read that I want to read again...

The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit
The Silmarillion
The Children of Hurin
Harry Potter
Inheritance Cycle

^that should take up a fairly good chunk for time. I view the Tolkien stuff as essential, I can go without the other two if I run out of time.

Stuff I haven't read that I want to read. (All Wheel of Time)

5. The Fires of Heaven
6. Lord of Chaos
7. A Crown of Swords
8. The Path of Daggers
9. Winter's Heart

That would set me on pace to finish the series by the end of next year, it's a really lengthy one. I may decide to read more than that this year. Part of the writing process involves reading material that is similar to what you're aiming to accomplish, sort of to immerse yourself in the genre if you will.


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I don't really set a goal regarding numbers since I don't read fiction, but I have set a goal of reading History of the Ancient World by Susan Brauer and finishing Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow.


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I'd like to finish the books I bought in 2013 and never got around to. I'm busy with The Hobbit at the moment, which would make it the first book I've read more than once.

Other books on my list include A Walk in the Woods (Bill Bryson), Life of Pi, A Game of Thrones and Eragon.

I would like to add to that, but I'm not the biggest reader ever, so I would also be happy if I just finish the ones mentioned.