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2013 Hottest Australian Year on Record


Heavy Weapons Guy
Also Van you can call it what you want but what we are really talking about here is the Advanced Greenhouse Effect. The effect of insanely large amounts of pollution being pumped into our atmosphere on a daily basis. Sure, weather has changed before, weather changes on it's own naturally. But never in history has there been such a huge amount of unnatural shit being forced into the world. That's why the last 100 years are actually extremely important. Because you can't compare them to the times when there wasn't anywhere near this level of pollution.
I'm not the one calling it whatever I want. That was my point. The advocates changed the name because the "evidence" started to point in a different direction.

Of course the last 100 years are of great importance to the substance of this issue. But the sample size is simply too small. If you can't accurately compare this century to the one before it you can't prove anything. The whole planet is covered with cycles, from eco systems to weather patterns. Every time I read some "evidence" supporting so called "global warming" it comes up thin because it ignores important factors. Scientific experiments always need variables and constants. In this case we have way too many variables and not enough constants. There just doesn't seem to be enough evidence supporting it.


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B to the fucking S

Melbourne has been awfully cold, thank god I spent the last three weeks in Perth's amazing scorching weather otherwise it would've been my shittest summer ever.
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