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So 2012 is coming to a theater near you tomorrow, some areas might be showing a midnight show tonight though. Is anyone interested in seeing this movie? Personally I think it looks pretty amazing, the action looks spectacular and I'm interested where their going to with the plot. I might go see it tomorrow night actually. Thoughts?


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It came out yesterday here. I was planning on going to see it last night but somehow didn't get round to it, so will probably end up seeing it this weekend


ok.[12:38AM] i just came home from the cinema and saw 2012 this night.
i've been crying for the most part...
actually the movie effects and actions were excellent; amazing; - (not that they weren't seen before though) but the whole idea of the world ending that way was a high psychological pressure to me.
some scenes would remind me of TITANIC-the part when people started sliding and falling off the ship.
the actors were great! the scenes when people would say goodbye to their families/friends through the phone were very touchy.

everything seemed real. though my friend was like "c'mon, i've seen these scenes in my brother's PS3" lol. [so it want's a real impact on her lol]...
it could be but for me they were shocking, however.

while coming back home and walking down the road, i felt like something was going to happen and the ground would crack lol (moreover, it was midnight... i was walking home alone for the most part haha)..

the terrible scenes were the ones when the sea would turn upside down ... and crashed against the whole country..

i wonder how would manage to keep on surviving the ones who actually survived and made it to the huge salvatory ship. they were in the middle of the sea away from any living place ...because everything in that world was gone...
2012 was laughable and so unbelievable. .Alot of it looked like a tv series to me. Let me cut and paste a post from another forum I go on that truly sums up the movie.

Some of the numbers may repeat.. feel free to edit them.. because i wont.
Hundreds more..

1. If you want to survive in 2012, take a couple of flight lessons.

2. Move to Africa

1. When collecting animals for the ark, do not collect cows, sheep or pigs (animals that provide humans with food and clothing) rather save the giraffe and the rhino, and then return them to Africa, a part of the world that wasn't flooded anyways!

Russians would rather speak in mangled English rather than their native Russian while talking amongst themselves

56. don't forget to buy an antonov 225 with the bentley inside

57. remember best place to land the world's biggest airplane is on glacier in himalayas

3. no more pullups

4. never ride an arc without your *beep*


6. Even during the apocalypse, you will have excellent cell phone reception.

7. Get stinking rich.

8. When the ground is cracking, grab the pole near you.

9. Can't afford 1 billion dollars ticket? take the back stage.

10. When the world is ending, you'll still need rich people to give you money to fund massive ship building projects - rather than just appropriating all the resources necessary because you are the frackin' government.

11. You should always do a 10 minutes debate on "opening the door" when it's 15 minutes before impact!

12. Write a book, even if it sucks. Because when the world ends, you may be lucky enough to have a copy of it saved by one of the survivors and be forever immortalized

138. Hiding under a table during an earthquake isn't always the best idea.

139. Neutrinos will eventually cause the end of the world.

12. Don't be Russian

13. Don't get stuck in the middle compartment because that will be the only one that fully fills with water.

14. You always need a bigger boat

2641. You wanna survive the destruction of Los Angeles, just rent a limo. It can survive through about anything.

140. That you need to delete your brain white and throw out everything you know in order to have the light of wisdom.

11. You can drive through a falling building without a scratch.

12. Giant tsunamis can rise higher than the Himalayas.

13. Russians are very funny.

14. When the world is going to end and there are "ships" designed to save people from the event, you can't get on one if you don't have 1 billion euros, no matter how awesome you are.

15. During the end of the world, all men of God would rather die than get on an ark.

16. Bad guys sometimes go away unpunished.

17. You waste much of $260 million dollars just to destroy LA, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Washington DC, and Rome when there are more than a dozen more cities worth destroying as well (Paris for example).

18. A Waterworld scenario is how the world will end.

19. Barrack Obama is older than what he appears.

20. When the world is going to end, the guy who is the overall supervisor of a "save humanity" project will act like as though he was proclaimed "emperor of mankind"...

21. If someone doesn't want you to save you, better find that person's grandmother to teach him about a thing or two.

22. The South Pole will end up in Wisconsin.

23. Made in China ships are the only way to save mankind.

24. When a volcano erupts, some guy with a beard will watch the eruption at a very close range and won't give a damn about his safety.

25. Africa won't be affected by an end of days scenario.

26. An earthquake can occur near Washington D.C.

25. Make sure you have John Cusack as your driver

27. Cars never start when you want them to, but they can outrun earthquakes that swallow entire buildings.

28. People are still willing to receive 1 billion euros even after all the world was destroyed by a tsunami.

29. New York City will be spared from the apocalypse (finally).

30. The Washington monument will fall just like how the tower (Barad-dur) of Sauron collapse in the Lord of the Rings.

34 - Don't Marry a divorcee with kids. 'Coz eventually you will die and the ex-husband will re-united with your wife.

35 - You should cross over the restricted area anyways.

36 - You should listen and trust a crazy DJ who camped out in the middle of the woods.

37 - The Metal doors of the ship, built with billions and billions of dollars can get jammed easily by a handy tool.

38 - There are lots of people who have billions of dollars to buy tickets for themselves and family members.

39 - Find Russian acquaintances, maybe they can fly planes!

40 - Oh! And a breast-surgery doctors too! You can both get perfect body and a pilot when the end of the world comes.

41 - Write a novel and get published! You'll never know that one day, it might become the world's heritage.

43. The Russian President´s English was sufficient for what Danny Glover had to say in the 2010 meeting.

44. In Ark #4, there was room for 10 people in Chiwetel Ejiofor's pod.

45. When searching for end-of-the-world-secret-government-ship-location-map in Woody´s camper, look in the conspiracy section between "Marilyn Monroe" and "Roswell".

46. After boxing career, Ivan Drago went to flight school and pilots under the name Sasha.

47. Yellowstones gasses can kill a 250 LB elk but Cusak and his kids can breath just fine.

48. A Russian couple can have fat evil carrot top ginger twins.

49. SONY VAIO has dibs on the apocalyptic laptops.

50. Somehow having rich men wire 1 billion Euros to an account has meaning when there is no more electricity not to mention anything to buy with that money.. Seriously! WTF!

47. Even after all communication on earth has ceased, a guy in india can still call you on your cell phone!

48. Explosions, eruptions and earthquakes are always right behind you.

49. When flying an airplane, its best to fly through the danger, rather than just pulling up and flying over it.

50. When landing on a glacier, best do it with a Bentley.

167. When the Earth is swallowing cities into itself, it will ignore and leave the vastly-paved airport runways alone.

155. Be sure to hold onto the eggs during a massive earthquake that is destroying the city of Los Angeles, dear.

156. Being in a situation where you and only you can save everyone magically gives you the ability to hold your breath for very long periods of time and allows you to see in salt water with perfect clarity.

157. If you ask someone if they would like to come with you, be sure to remind them that staying where they are will result in their death.

158. A dog can run a long distance in a short ammount of time, overcome tons of obstacles, and walk across a rope without falling.

159. Always wait for an unnecessary ammount of time in situations where the vehicle you're in is about to plummet to its doom.

160. While an Arc can withstand a collision with a Boeing 747, smashing into another Arc, and crashing into Mount Everest, a small ammount of rubble falling on top of one can render it completely useless.

161. Marrying a Japanese woman is grounds for disownment.

162. Children and animals never die, even if they're annoying and fat.

BONUS: One group of people will prepare and save themselves in massive Arcs, another group will sit around praying. One group will survive, one group will suffer horrible deaths.

Yup, that about sums it up. . . :p


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I saw this movie a few nights ago. In a word, it was terrible.

Special effects were cool but the plot was about as bad as they get. I don't even know where to start when it comes to the plot. The whole thing was THAT bad.

Certainly not a movie I will ever watch again. :sick:


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It still remains a mystery to me why this film has garnered so much attention. The script can be found in the pre-made templates under "Disaster Movie".

I will admit to not seeing this film, but my patience was through with it in the trailer.


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It still remains a mystery to me why this film has garnered so much attention. The script can be found in the pre-made templates under "Disaster Movie".

I will admit to not seeing this film, but my patience was through with it in the trailer.
You didn't really miss anything at all. All of the cool special effects shots were in the trailer anyway.

You're wrong about this being found in a pre-made template for "Disaster Movie" though. I wouldn't give the writers that much credit. The plot for this movie in a nutshell:

1. The world is going to end in 2012 because of the Mayan calendar that was mentioned more times in the trailer than the actual movie itself.
2. Magically, some people are able to literally outdrive and outfly earthquakes and falling buildings and make it to giant boats that cost a billion dollars per person onboard.
3. The world ends in 2012.
4. The world really didn't end. Just a giant earthquake and flood that caused the earth to shift a bit. The survivors are now ready to start a new world.

Watching this movie made me want the world to end. :lol:


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I keep hearing Day After Tomorrow whispering in my ear as I read that synopsis.

Perhaps it isn't a template of the genre, but the second point is definately a staple, along with the fourth. =D


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Just borrowed the dvd of my mate from work. So hopefully will get to watch it over the weekend at some point. The trailers i've seen as really go so hope it lives upto the hype its had.