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2012 Predictions


Registered Member
I predict that in 2012 Barack Obama will still be president.

Michael Jackson will still be dead. (Not too sure about this one though.)

Marijuana will be decriminalized in 2 states.

And the following year will be 2013.

I took some mescaline and a great bearded woman told me of these happenings.


Registered Member
You are damn good my friend!!!!
I believe you, I have faith in you!
But wait...what about Elvis??


Registered Member
He'll still be alive and kicking. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida. He has a condo there.

By 2012 he'll be performing again under the name "Elroy Preston."


Registered Member
Here's the obvious:
Earthquake LA or San Fran
Hurricane New York City

Volcano St Lucia
Islamic terrorism attack brings down American planes
US soil Military base death from Islamists attack
North Korea gets stomped
Iran attacks Isreal, Yom Kippur
Joran van der Sloot gets 25 years in prison sentence and then dies.

Not so obvious:
Unemployment climbs, crime increases
Murdoch, Buffet have hospital stays
Famine in Africa
12 simultaneous attacks on US soil with powergrid and infrastructure hits

Long shots:
NFL cancels season
Food tampering incidents cause food panic
Mexico makes run on US border en mass
DC evacuated more than once


Lion Rampant
I predict that in 2012 many predictions will fail to come true. :crystalball:


Registered Member
I predict in 2012, we will all become a year older!


Registered Member
Mayan calendar ends in 2012, I think that's just a goof. They were probably doing mushrooms and cocoa and said, hey, let's fuck with people in the future and make a calendar that ends. hahahhahhha. freeking funny ass Mayans.

Meanwhile al Qaeda won't go into operation until 2013.