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From the creators of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow comes another "End of the world" movie titled simply "2012".

Have you seen the preview for this? It actually looks really good. The special effects look amazing.

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I forgot all about this movie! That trailer looks awesome!

I loved both Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. So odds are that this one won't live up to the hype for me, but I'll still love it. I love any disaster movie though.


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I liked Independence Day quite a bit and also liked the first half of Day After Tomorrow (the plot was pretty weak after the main destruction though).

I'll be happy with this movie even if the plot is terrible. I want to see the end of the world in full HD so as long as I get that I won't care about the plot. :lol:


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I won't get to excited for this movie, because it's one of those wow! It looks so awesome type of movie but when you actually watch it, it stinks. Just like The Day after Tomorrow. I was really excited to watch that movie, but when I actually watched it, I'm like this movie is garbage.


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This has been Roland Emmerich's quota since INDEPENDENCE DAY. His movies show impressive special effects (safe for GODZILLA) but leave gaps to be desired when it comes to the rest of the movie.

He plays off of special effects and his trailers are always designed to leave you interested in what the rest of the movie entails. However his movies have always been less than effective.

Expect the same with 2012.


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Ugh...I can't believe hollywood is making this. They'll cash in on anything.