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2011 ESPYs


A Darker Knight
2011 ESPYS - July 2011 ESPNHD

Have you voted yet? There a lot of interesting choices and categories.

Don't forget to vote for top lays too.

and I like how I had to vote for several obscure categories like best jockey and bowler several times.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The award that I mostly interested in is the Top Major League Baseball player. The reason is because Jose Bautista is up for the award. Personally, I think he should win it. He's definitely been the best player in the last year. He already has 31 home runs before the All Star Break, which is pretty impressive. Not only that but his average his much, much better than last season.

Unfortunately, I don't get to view the ESPY's three or so weeks after they're aired since I don't have ESPN.


A Darker Knight
I mostly cared about the awards the mavericks could've won, and they won all of them. Dirk for best male athlete and nba player and rick carlisle for best coach/manager, and mavs for best team.

they're slowly starting to show clips on the espn youtube channel. so far they only have the opening monologue.
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