2010 Undefeated Teams Watch List

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  1. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    After 5 weeks we're down to 18 undefeated teams (out of 120 or something). Here's how I would rank them, and I'll assess their chances of running the table.

    1. Alabama (5-0) - Far and away the best team in the country, but they are not unbeatable as we saw last week when they had to rally late in the game to beat Arkansas. Their road to an undefeated season is difficult. They have road games at South Carolina, Tennessee, and LSU, and a home game against Auburn. Then probably a rematch against either Florida or South Carolina in the SECCG.

    Next game: at South Carolina - Upset Alert: Very High

    2. Ohio State (5-0) - The Buckeyes showed some problems offensively this weekend, and the secondary is depleted from injury. Now Pryor is less than 100% as well. With road games at Wisconsin and Iowa and the home finale against Michigan, running the table will be a challenge.

    Next game: vs Indiana - Upset Alert: Low

    3. Oregon (5-0) - Had an impressive come from behind win against Stanford last night. This team is just so explosive, but the defense is a question mark after giving up 31 points in two straight games. The schedule is difficult. These are four of their last five games: at USC, at Cal, vs Arizona, and at Oregon State. Circle the Arizona game.

    Next game: at Washington State - Upset Alert: None

    4. Boise State (4-0) - They've already passed their biggest tests of the season. Toughest games left are at Idaho, vs Fresno State, and at Nevada. They should definitely run the table.

    Next game: vs Toledo - Upset Alert: None

    5. Oklahoma (5-0) - The Sooners have been in several close games against mediocre teams so far. The defense needs to improve. They have road games against Missouri, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State still remaining, plus a possible matchup with Nebraska in the Big 12 CG.

    Next game: vs Iowa State - Upset Alert: Low

    6. Auburn (5-0) - Hard to say how good this team really is. It took overtime to beat Clemson, but the win over South Carolina was definitely quality. They still have to play Arkansas, LSU, and at Alabama, plus the SECCG if they get that far. Their chances are slim.

    Next game: at Kentucky - Upset Alert: Medium

    7. TCU (5-0) - The Horned Frogs were only leading 6-0 at halftime over Colorado State yesterday, so I think there's a chance they could slip up somewhere. They will probably roll through their schedule until they travel to Utah on November 6th.

    Next game: vs Wyoming - Upset Alert: None

    8. Nebraska (4-0) - Weak schedule so far, so the jury is still out on the Huskers. Schedule gets more difficult starting with a road test under the lights this week at Kansas State. They also have to play Texas, at Oklahoma State, vs Missouri, and at Texas A&M, plus the Big 12 CG.

    Next game: at Kansas State - Upset Alert: High

    9. Arizona (4-0) - Big win against Iowa, but a 10-9 win over Cal last weekend raises some eyebrows. They play at Stanford, vs USC, and at Oregon all in November. This week they play Oregon State. Boise State and TCU have already passed that test. Can the Cats?

    Next game: vs Oregon State - Upset Alert: High

    10. Utah (4-0) - Best win so far was an overtime win over Pitt. Interesting road game this weekend at Iowa State. They also have to travel to Air Force and Notre Dame, plus the big home game against TCU. I think they will drop a game or two by the end of the year.

    Next game: at Iowa State - Upset Alert: Medium

    11. Michigan State (5-0) - Knocked off Wisconsin yesterday with head coach Mark Dantonio in the hospital. They don't have to play Ohio State this year, but they do have a brutal road schedule: at Michigan, at Northwestern, at Iowa, at Penn State.

    Next game: at Michigan - Upset Alert: Very High

    12. Michigan (5-0) - The Wolverine's offense has been unstoppable and Denard Robinson would be the runaway Heisman winner if the season ended today, but they are yet to play against a competent defense. Their own defense is 73rd in the country in points allowed. Remember they started 5-0 last year before losing their last seven games. The schedule gets much harder from now on again this year. vs Michigan State, vs Iowa, at Penn State, vs Wisconsin, at Ohio State.

    Next game: vs Michigan State - Upset Alert: Very High

    13. Missouri (4-0) - Very easy schedule so far and won by only 3 over San Diego State. With Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas State still on the schedule, look for the Tigers to lose at least a couple games.

    Next game: vs Colorado - Upset Alert: Low

    14. LSU (5-0) - LSU is always the most unimpressive elite team and it seems like they have several lucky wins every year, but something has to be said for winning games. That said, they're 84th in the nation in points scored, and with games against Florida, Auburn, Alabama, and Arkansas, running the table will be a miracle.

    Next game: at Florida - Upset Alert: Very High

    15. Nevada (5-0) - Probably the best team that nobody is talking about. They've blown out everyone they've played so far, including Cal and BYU. They still have to travel to Hawaii (never easy) and Fresno State before the showdown with Boise State.

    Next game: vs San Jose State - Upset Alert: Low

    16. Oklahoma State (4-0) - The Cowboys are giving up 29.5 points per game, which is 91st in the country. Won by 3 over Troy and Texas A&M. They could easily lose four of five games still.

    Next game: at Lousiana-Lafayette - Upset Alert: None

    17. Kansas State (4-0) - Won by 9 over UCLA, by 7 over Iowa State, and by 4 over UCF. Their days among the unbeatens are numbered...likely at four.

    Next game: vs Nebraska - Upset Alert: Very High

    18. Northwestern (5-0) - The Cardiac Cats are back for the 2010 season. Won by 2 over Vanderbilt, by 5 over Central Michigan, and by 1 over Minnesota. They don't play Ohio State or Michigan this year, but any one of the seven other remaining Big Ten teams on the schedule could knock them off.

    Next game: vs Purdue - Upset Alert: Medium

  2. BigBob

    BigBob Registered Member

    I would defiantly have Oregon over Ohio State at the moment, but I still don't believe Alabama is the best team in the nation. Once Alabama plays a team that doesn't fall apart in the 4th, then it'll be no National Championship game for them.
  3. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    Based on what? Ohio State beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl and they are largely the same teams this year.
  4. BigBob

    BigBob Registered Member

    That's last year.

    This is a new year and Oregon is a better team then they were last year. They have one of the best running backs in the nation in James. Ohio State struggled horribly against a weak Illinois team, and if they play like that against a team like Oregon, it'll be a blow out.
  5. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    You're judging a team by one game. Ohio State dominated Miami, who is a lot better than Illinois. I haven't seen anything from Oregon to show me they're significantly better than they were last year. The Illinois game aside, Ohio State has been much better offensively than they were most of the last year. Oregon had LaMichael James last year and Ohio State shut him down.
  6. SqueakScolari

    SqueakScolari Registered Member

    I think Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State, Boise State, and TCU all have the chance to go undefeated this year. That being said, I only think two will (just not sure which ones :))

    I think Boise State is a lock to go 12-0. They are determined and really don't have any more tests left on their schedule. Barring a monumental collapse, they'll be BCS bowling again (possible NC).

    TCU has a very good chance as well, but they have to go to Salt Lake and play Utah. They still have to play BYU and Air Force is no pushover this year either for upset alerts.

    I think Alabama by the end of the year will be one of the top 3 teams in the country. 13-0 (including SECCG)? Not a chance. I don't see them pulling it off this year.

    Ohio State and Oregon are interesting ones. The Pac-10 is real tough this year and it will be hard for the Ducks to pull it off. However, they thumped Stanford on Saturday Night and are the best offense I have seen so far. I think they can do, but they still got a tough road.

    Ohio State has a great chance as well. Wasn't overly impressed by them in the Illinois game but if you caught them playing against Miami, you know they are NC contenders. Tough schedule for the Buckeyes though, they have to go to Camp Randall and Kinnick PLUS the finale against Denard Robinson and Michigan. Brutal late season schedule but if they can stay healthy and play excellent football down the stretch, they will be able to do it. Pryor is going to have to play very Heisman-esque in those games (which he can do).

    Just .02 cents from a casual college ball observer.
  7. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    I don't want to make too many excuses for them because they DID play poorly against Illinois, but Illinois always seems to get up for the Ohio State game every year, especially in Champaign. It is always extremely windy there, as was the case this year. Plus Illinois had two weeks to prepare for this game.

    In 2006 when Ohio State was #1 the entire year before losing to Florida and Troy Smith won the Heisman, they rolled over every single team they played except #2 Michigan and a 2-7 Illinois team in Champaign. Ohio State won that game 17-10 and gained only 27 yards of offense in the second half. This is the same year Ohio State beat Texas 24-7, Penn State 28-6, Iowa 38-17, Michigan State 38-7, Indiana 44-3, Minnesota 44-0, and Northwestern 54-10.

    I'm more worried about Pryor's injury right now than I am about how they played against Illinois. I've already seen what this team is capable of when they're playing well, so I know the problems we saw in that game can be fixed.
  8. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    The list went from 18 to 13 in one week. Here are the losers that drop out.

    I'm not too surprised that they lost to South Carolina. They could still lose another game or two, but don't be surprised if they use this loss as motivation. It's not too late for them to get back in the title hunt. They only dropped to #8.

    Oregon State is a decent team, but not great. Arizona is obviously not ready to be in the national spotlight as a national title contender.

    Got beat pretty soundly by MSU. The defense is just terrible, and the offense isn't quite as good as everybody thought.

    My two lowest ranked teams lost. K-State got raped by Nebraska. I'm a little surprised Northwestern lost to Purdue, but not really.
  9. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    1. Ohio State (6-0) - Looked really strong in all phases of the game against Indiana. Tough game this weekend on the road at night against Wisconsin.

    Next game: at Wisconsin - Upset Alert: Very High

    2. Nebraska (5-0) - I'm moving the Huskers up from #8 to #2 this week. They dominated K-State. Taylor Martinez leads a potent rushing attack, and the defense might be the best in the nation.

    Next game: vs Texas - Upset Alert: High

    3. Oregon (6-0) - I'm just not sold on Oregon's defense. After giving up 13 points in the first three games, they've given up 85 in the last three. When they play against a team who can slow down their offense they're going to be in trouble, just like in the Rose Bowl last year against Ohio State.

    Next game: vs UCLA - Upset Alert: Low

    4. Boise State (5-0) - Destroyed Toledo. They don't really have any competitive games left until they play Nevada towards the end of the year.

    Next game: at San Jose State - Upset Alert: None

    5. Oklahoma (5-0) - The Sooners had a bye week. They've been impossible to beat at home over the years, so I don't think they'll have any trouble with Iowa State, who just lost to Utah by 40+.

    Next game: vs Iowa State - Upset Alert: None

    6. Auburn (6-0) - I'm still not really sold on this team. They needed a last second field goal to beat Kentucky. Just too many close wins over mediocre teams. But they did beat South Carolina, and that has to count for something. Tough game this weekend against Arkansas.

    Next game: vs Arkansas - Upset Alert: Very High

    7. TCU (6-0) - Just going about their business against a weak schedule. Two shutouts in a row.

    Next game: vs BYU - Upset Alert: Low

    8. Utah (5-0) - Scored 68 against Iowa State. I'm really looking forward to their showdown with TCU next month.

    Next game: at Wyoming - Upset Alert: None

    9. Michigan State (6-0) - Wins over Wisconsin and Michigan in back-to-back weeks. The Spartans look impressive. Interesting game this weekend against an improving Illinois team. We'll see if Sparty can avoid a hangover after the big win over Michigan.

    Next game: vs Illinois - Upset Alert: Medium

    10. Missouri (5-0) - The defense is giving up only 11.2 points per game, which is 3rd best in the country. They shutout Colorado last week. Now they go on the road to face a Texas A&M team that can score a lot of points. After that they have Oklahoma and Nebraska. Ouch.

    Next game: at Texas A&M - Upset Alert: High

    11. LSU (6-0) - Needed a lucky bounce on a fake field goal to beat Florida. This team is really unimpressive, but they keep finding ways to win.

    Next game: vs McNeese State - Upset Alert: None

    12. Nevada (6-0) - Wolf Pack is rolling along. Easy win over San Jose State last week.

    Next game: at Hawaii - Upset Alert: Medium

    13. Oklahoma State (5-0) - Second best scoring offense in the country at 52.6 points per game. The defense has been bad though.

    Next game: at Texas Tech - Upset Alert: High
  10. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    With Ohio State, Nebraska, and Nevada losing, we're down to ten unbeaten teams.

    1. Oregon (6-0) - Something tells me they will not run the table.

    Next game: vs UCLA - Upset Alert: Low

    2. Boise State (6-0) - Can't see them losing. There just aren't any good teams on their schedule.

    Next game: vs Louisiana Tech - Upset Alert: None

    3. Oklahoma (6-0) - 52-0 win over Iowa State. The big test is this weekend on the road against Missouri.

    Next game: at Missouri - Upset Alert: Very High

    4. Auburn (7-0) - 65-43 over Arkansas. What the heck? Do they not play defense in the SEC anymore? Mallett was knocked out of the game, and the backup QB still threw for over 330 yards. Auburn just doesn't have the defense to win a championship.

    Next game: vs LSU - Upset Alert: Very High

    5. TCU (7-0) - 3 points allowed in their last 3 games combined. That's impressive no matter who you're playing against.

    Next game: vs Air Force - Upset Alert: Medium

    6. Utah (6-0) - Should beat Colorado State this weekend, but the five games after that could all be tough.

    Next game: vs Colorado State - Upset Alert: Low

    7. Michigan State (7-0) - Slow start against Illinois, but ended up with an impressive 26-6 win. Road game at Northwestern this weekend. They always seem to have trouble there.

    Next game: at Northwestern - Upset Alert: High

    8. Missouri (6-0) - I get more and more impressed with Missouri every week. They held A&M to just 9 points. The defense might be for real. We'll find out against Oklahoma and Nebraska the next two weeks.

    Next game: vs Oklahoma - Upset Alert: Very High

    9. Oklahoma State (6-0) - Good win on the road against Texas Tech. Gotta play Nebraska next, and the Huskers will be angry after losing to Texas.

    Next game: vs Nebraska - Upset Alert: Very High[/QUOTE]

    10. LSU (7-0) - Still the most unimpressive team. Lackluster win over McNeese State (FCS team with a losing record). LSU led only 16-10 at halftime, and managed only 280 yards the entire game. Maybe going against Auburn's defense will give them a boost this weekend. :lol: This team does seem to play best against the good teams.

    Next game: at Auburn - Upset Alert: Very High

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