2010 NBA Draft: Early Entries


Sultan of Swat
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Kentucky will need to rebuild once again, but it's not surprising that all these players have declared, especially Wall and Cousins, who will be both high draft picks.

Turner will most likely be number one or two in the draft and he knows that so that's why he declared.

There's a few players on there that list that shouldn't of declared in my opinion, since I don't believe they'll be drafted.


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Is it just me or has more players entered the draft early than in previous years. We still have plenty to go before the deadline and it seems a lot of guys are making poor decisions. Guys like Wall, Aminu, Turner, Whiteside, Aldrich, Cousins and other lottery to mid-first round locks do right in declaring early. But just today we had a guy from Lipscomb, Talor Battle, AJ Ogilvy(who's stock has fallen deeply since his freshmen campaign) declare for the draft. They join an already large amount of guys who have declared and will be lucky to be picked up in the second round. I know some "test the waters" but the next few weeks will be very interesting for basketball fans everywhere.


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A lot of them don't hire agents and end up returning to school before the deadline. It wouldn't surprise me if that's what someone like Taylor Battle ends up doing.