2010 Midterm election

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    This is a link to the overview of 2010 Senate elections: RealClearPolitics - 2010 Election Maps - Battle for the Senate

    Nobody really sees the House as competitive now and Republicans getting in is almost a sure bet. As of today, RCP is projecting 50 Dem seats, 46 Repub seats with 4 too close to call.

    Dick Morris made a lot of sense concerning polling data and mid-terms. His theory is that people go through a 2 point decision when deciding who to vote for. Q1: Am I going to vote for the incumbent? Q2: Am I going to vote for the challenger? By this point Q1 has been answered and any incumbent with less than 50% is in trouble. Using this theory, all of 4 toss ups would go to Republicans and NY would possibly go to Republicans also where Gillibrand is at 45%-48%.

    I expect we will see a 50-50 Senate and a Republican House. If Repubs get 51 or Dems get 51, it won't matter. Either way we are in for extreme gridlock for the next 2 years. I think gridlock is a fair representation of what America wants right now.

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    I dont think its absolutely Fair to say "Gridlock is what America Wants". I truly believe that America Wants Progress. Even if you're conservative to the Core... you want to push forward with the values that made this Nation Great, If you're Liberal you want to push forward with new concepts that will make this Nation Greater.

    However I think I know where you're coming from... and although I dont think its a representation of what America Wants.... I think its a Representation of Where America is instead. We're so Torn on what we want to do that we can no longer work forward together. And thats a very disappointing situation and one that all Americans alike, but especially Truly Conservative individuals should see as George Washington himself, the one we consider as the "Father of the Nation" warned of and I quote;

    Among his Farewell Address he warned of three things, Expanding National Debt, Putting our Noses where it doesnt belong, and Giving too Much power to a Two-Party System. We as a Nation have ignored every warning he gave, outright. But of the three, it was the Two Party system that I believe has hurt the United States of America the most.

    Democrats and Republicans have stopped working together after the election. And its not one parties fault... its both of theirs but yet neither will ever accept the blame instead they've been conditioned to do nothing but point the Finger. And we as Americans have allowed that to happen, so maybe that Finger truly belongs to be pointed at us.

    And until this Over Powered Two Party system is Nerfed, we as a Nation will be stuck in Gridlock, doing nothing but spinning our wheels and wearing down the Tread of our Patience until its too late and the whole thing implodes on itself.
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    There's a new batch of polls out and the RCP link I posted earlier now has 6 toss ups, 48 safe sets for Dems and 46 safe for Repubs. Both of the new toss ups are Democrat incumbents at or below the magical 50% number so they could easily be losses for those Dems.

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