2010 Indianapolis 500 Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Unity, May 30, 2010.

  1. Unity

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    Any IRL fans around?

    The biggest race of the year (in all of racing, in my opinion) is today: The Indianapolis 500.

    Helio Castroneves has the poll position, and the rest of the standings can be found here:

    Indy 500 starting lineup - IndyCar.com


    Who will win this Race? (unfortunately, probably a usual Team Target or Team Penske racer...not that I dislke them, but they always win).

    Who would you like to win the race?? (I'm hoping Marco Andretti or Danica Patrick. I'm a fan of the Andrettis and I'd like to see Marco have some success, and I love what Danica represents about women in racing - plus my nieces love her, too! Really, anybody from that racing team is fine with me...Tony Kanaan's a great guy as well).
    Dario Franchitti ended up winning, which is a bummer. Good guy but it's the same two teams constantly winning.

    Tony Kanaan, who started 33rd (last) position, ended up at the head of the pack for a good while during the race! Unfortunately, he didn't make it; think of the story, guy comes from the last spot to win his first Indy 500...ahh, oh well.

    Franchitti led a TON of laps, and earned his win (even if it was during a yellow).

    Here's a link to the official Box Score: http://www.indycar.com/var/assets/2010Indianapolis500BoxScore.pdf
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  2. Impact

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    I sometimes, kind of follow this, mainly to see how Scott Dixon places. 5th isn't too bad
  3. KSpiceFantastic

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    Dario is my favorite IRL driver, so it is great that he wins. I hate Helio with a passion and can't stand either Danica or Power, so yeah. Go Target!

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