2010 FIFA World Cup: Knockout Rounds


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Here's the bracket for the 16 remaining teams.

South Korea

United States







Any predictions? Which games are you most looking forward to?


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There are a lot of strong teams playing each other in the next round. The top games i will be looking out for are:
> USA vs Ghana
> Netherlands vs Slovakia
> Brazil vs Chile
> Germany vs England
> Spain vs Portugal

if I could choose only one I guess I would go with Spain Portugal, but all the other teams I think will put forward their absolute best performances against some of the best performing teams so far. Should be interesting.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I have a feeling Spain vs Portugal will be a boring game, probably 1-0. Spain haven't been scoring a ton of goals, and Portugal always plays extremely cautious in these types of games. They would probably be happy taking it to a penalty shootout.

Other than the USA game, I think Argentina vs Mexico could be the most entertaining match. I'm looking forward to England vs Germany, but I'm not sure what kind of football to expect in that one.


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Brazil-Chile should be exciting, given the way Chile play.
Argentina-Mexico on paper looks easy, but the Mexiicans showed against the French that they're not the pussycats of former years.
Ghana-USA should be fascinating. The Americans have played some good stuff, and the Africans will no doubt be boosted by being their continent's last representatives.
I'm going for Slovakia to spring the shock of the round against Holland, with their pacy, incisive attacking.
I also pick the Japanese over Paraguay if they're anything like their last game.
But the games of the round for me are England-Germany and the Iberian "derby".
I know England have gone mad over beating lowly Slovenia, and going purely by the first round the Germans are surely the better team, but this is a very young German side, one that is building for the future. One thing I do know: England will perform for this one.
Portugal-Spain is a pick'em, and if it isn't exciting will certainly be tense. These are teams ranked 2 and 3 in the world after all.
My picks for the quarter finals:
Uruguay v USA
Slovakia v Brazil
Argentina v England (just about)
Japan v Portugal (squeaking through).


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I'm looking forward to all of them, but maybe more specifically to the US one since I'm rooting for the team to go as far as it can.


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Slow start in the first 5 minutes for both the Koreans and Uruguayans, but certainly picking up now for Uruguay after the goal by Suarez passed on beautifully by Forlan. Definitely a blunder by the Korean gk who put in a rather weak attempt there.

Uruguay 1-0 Korea


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Uruguay will probably end up winning this game in my opinion, I think they are the strongest team of the two, and have been playing great Futball since the World Cup started.

I'm looking forward to all the games actually, most of them are great match ups. Obviously the game that I am mostly interested in is Brasil vs Ghana. I think Brasil should be able to advance.

Spain vs Portugal is a interesting match up, Ronaldo doesn't step it up in these type of games, should be interesting to see if it's going to be the same this time around.


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Half time in the Uruguay match still at 1-0. Korea is not lying down for this one by any means.
They nearly had the early goal but they hit the post and in all fairness the Korean gk should definitely have stopped that pass from Forlan to Suarez, but I am expecting at least one more goal by Uruguay, probably by Forlan, who seems to be hungry for the golden boot!
Wow. What a match here for Korea and Uruguay. It is pouring down with rain there but despite that Suarez still managed to find the back of the net in a spectacular way. The Koreans did get a goal of their own as well, which was well played.

83 mins played and Uruguay 2-1 Korea.
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South Korea almost tied the game up there, don't know the players name but he shot it right on the goalie. If he gave a better effort he could of beaten the goalie. Hopefully Uruguay can maining this lead. There's about five minutes or so left in the game.

P.S I love the rain, it makes the game look even cooler.