2009 is off to a fantastic start on SmackDown! - LOL!


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Take a look and see why:

WWE: TV Shows > SmackDown > WWE.com Exclusive: General Manager Vickie Guerrero's nude photographs


Don't worry, it's safe. WWE used blackbars to cover up any "naked"-ness that we may see. Still, WWE really jumped the shark on this one. All I got to say is:

Some more LOLs:


In a bidding war that unfolded on SmackDown over the nude photographs of GM Vickie Guerrero, the GM's nephew Chavo Guerrero looked to seal the victory in the auction, only to be outbid at the last minute by The Great Khali.​
What are Khali's plans for the controversial photos? Find out now, only on WWE Mobile on AT&T. Don’t have WWE Ringside yet? Subscribe or switch today.​

I have NO idea what WWE is doing. Seriously. What. Is. Going. On?

Now Khali is involved!?
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Sultan of Swat
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I havent watched Smackdown lately, I only look up the matched with Edge on Youtube. But with that being said I believe Raw is off to a good start as well, and hopefully the writers will keep up the good work.


Monday Night Rollins
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Is the WWE on crack or something? What the hell is going on??!

I barely have words for this right now haha
Uh-oh. Since Khali is getting involved, do you suppose this COULD mean that Edge and Christian will get back together for awhile to feud with Khali and Big Show? I can see that happening since WWE just randomly throws Khali into the mix.



I am the woolrus
i think Edge and Christian definitely getting back together for some feuds either way, but i don't think it's gonna happen til after wrestlemania. And if they carry this storyline on for that long..... well, they just won't!

Hopefully this storyline involves chavo more than it does edge, edge should be too busy challenging for the title. He should definitely be in the title match at WM after the year he's had.