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2009 Camaro Concept



What are your thoughts on this vehicle? I personally think that I am in love with it! It's got retro cuse, but it's not overdone (*cough*Challenger*cough*), and 400 horses under the hood don't hurt, either. As far as I know, it is due for release on a Stretched Kappa platform (Solstice/Sky) for MY2008/2009.


P.S. I called it's release for this years NAIAS about 3 years ago, and I had the privlege to see opening day of the show. I have never seen so many people around one vehicle in my life!

(crowd shot)


Forum Drifter
It's alright, but I have to be honest here. I would rather have the new Dodge Challenger that's coming out.


Registered Member
Eh I don't like it much either. I like the old ones my parents have a 97(30th Anniversy) and a 76 or 77 I think.