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2008 New Years Resolutions!


Secret Agent
Staff member

But seriously, does anyone here make New Years Resolutions? Did you make any last year (for this year) and have you kept them?

Once again I am pretty sure I didn't keep any of mine. I'll be sure to recycle them for next year though. :)

There are a few routines and changes that I've picked up mid year that I plan to continue next year. We'll see how that goes though.


Registered User
I am still working on one of mine.

I am now on my second day without pop.

I hope I can break the caffine adiction.

Otherwise I really don't make resolutions, I just try to better myself as I go.


Well-Known Member
The one that I made last year didn't work at all, but this year I am going to finish mine I think.

Anybody else forget to finish theirs for 2007?


Food Whore
I don't remember what last year's resolution was.

I need to try and cut down on the late night snacks, so that will probably end up being my resolution, along with doing more exercise every day.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
If I had to pick one right now I think it would be 'to take more chances'. Who knows if I'll actually take it to heart.


Registered Member
My New Years Resolution of 2007 was to lose weight but it was unsuccessful as it was very hard to sustain. My New Years resolution for 2008 is to be more organize with my life as I am a messy person.


Registered User
I have a great one that I could try to do. I don't want to miss a day of work next year. And along with that one, I don't want to get sick at all next year either. I have done it once. Of course I need to excirse at least 4 times a week and eat a lot better. Probably more veggies. Okay, this is it cut down, I pledge to take better care of myself this next year.


Heavy Weapons Guy
I have one right now, too be added with a more serious one to come.

Not to lose all of my POKER CHIPS!


Food Whore
I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to give up soda or severely limit the amount i drink for my new year's resolution.

That idea came to me last night when I ended taking a 2L of coke home from a pasta party. One girl said that she didn't drink regular soda, so she decided to give it to me "cause thats all i really drink" (everyone, including me, laughed) and i decided after that, that i was going to drop the soda.