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2007-2008 season winding down


Registered Member
If you look @ the standings right now, you can see that it may be a different story come April 6th. Which teams will make it.. or loose it?

Me, I think.. well I hope Toronto can jump into 8th place, even though i hate da leafs.. what better is a Habs-Leafs showdown in the playoffs. then we can see who really is the best when it matters. Whatever happens Philly will loose it's 8th place spot.. and even IF they do make it in, they are in no shape to be in the playoffs and will just loose. Washington will try to win their Division, but Carolina has the momentum now, after killing Ottawa last night. Montreal will finish either 1st or 2nd.. depending on how good or bad NJ plays. Mtl has 2 more games vs Ottawa and are 1-5 vs them.. like the old saying goes "you can't win 'em all" and that's why ottawa will loose the final 2 meetings. So in the end it'll be
Round 1 (Idealy)
Devils1 vs Sabres
Habs2 vs Rangers
Canes3 vs Bruins
Senaotrs4 vs Penguins

What would be great
Habs1 vs Leafs
Devils2 vs Rangers
Canes3 vs Bruins
Senators4 vs Penguins
we already got 3 good series there


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The Eastern Conference is really tight, and the Capitals and Panthers are only two points awat from the Eight seed, and the Sabres are close as well, so it should be a good finish. I also hope the Leafs make the playoffs, I like the Leafs to be honest with you, and if the Leafs face the Habs that would be a sick match up. I personally don't want to face the Rangers, they've owned us this season.


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whats better than habs leafs, sens leafs. sadly the leafs will not make it and my sens will not be able to knock the out