2000 posts!!!!


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I finally made it! It seems like it has taken forever but I got there.:lol:


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
It's about time Vegito!:clap: Congrats on your victory!

Now you can truely say your addicted to FC and have no life like some of us who have reached this milestone and beyond ^_^;


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Congrats Vegito yeah you have been hear forever now...Im on my way to 1500 but it will easily be another 2 months.

Not too many members are in the 2000+ post club hell not too many are in the 1000+ post club.


Sultan of Swat
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Hey man congratulations, you probably never expected to reach that number since you left the forums for awhile, but then I got you back which I am glad I did, and now your aiming for 3000. Keep up the great work.