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  1. Bananas

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    Two decades ago saw the fall of the Berlin wall. I vividly remember watching the events of that evening on TV.

    One simple move brought peace, prosperity, liberalisation, democracy, capitalism, unification and freedom. What a great achievement.:)

    I was trying to think of other such great events that have happened in my lifetime, and it is hard to remember any. Most events that affect the world on a global scale are from disaster (Boxing day tsunami, 9/11 etc..) and rarely from triumphant moments where we can be proud. Perhaps it is a good thing that such events should be rare in a world post-modernity where freedom is valued so highly. A world without walls should have no walls to fall.......then again..... have we learnt anything.....

    BBC NEWS | Special Reports | Walls around the world
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  2. Babe_Ruth

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    Yeah I heard about it this morning on my way to work. There were also 136 people who died that day, thousdands will honor those people who passed away tonight.

    I can't believe it's already 20 years ago. I was four at the time.
  3. ysabel

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    I was reading an article that says some feared that uniting the East and West could be threatening to the world - memories of German domination à la WWII era. Of course we know that it wasn't the case. Germany had to rebuild and face the struggles within. And now it's an important partner in maintaining world peace.
  4. Bananas

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    I know some people who are of the sentiment that this has happened under the guise of the EU. The Lisbon treaty comes into affect in a few weeks time which is one of the biggest overhauls in European soverignty and Germany is the powerhouse of the 27 members, sure France holds a lot of power and the UK could hold more if it wanted too, but with the UK becoming more eurosceptic, France will either have to fight its own corner or form a Franco-German alliance, either way Germany will always be the more influential partner. The German dominance may not be through military might but political and economical means.
  5. CaptainObvious

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    I remember watching this on TV as well. And I agree, it brought so much to so many people and it was a great achievement.

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