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$20 miracle of the day


Registered Member
So I went to help my dad around the house today. Anyway, I earned some money and on the way home went to rite aid. When I finished getting what I needed I realized I was missing $20. I knew I had it at the register because I saw it. So I checked around the car, walked back in, back to my car, and back in. I asked the cashier and told her I knew it was probably gone but thought it couldn't hurt to ask. She asked the other cashier and then the manger came down. I said " I know 99 out of 100 it's probably gone but I think I dropped a 20 between here and my car." She says nobody claimed it and all of the sudden an old lady at the register pulls out a wet $20 and hands it to me.....

I felt blessed, I in general don't trust people at all but this small act of honesty gave me more faith in humanity.

Just wanted to share, that is my blessing of the day.