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$20 million sought for injuries incurred typing up phony profiles


Free Spirit
Staff member
A dating website catering to married people seeking adulterous affairs is being sued by a former employee for $20 million for injuries she says she incurred while typing up phony profiles of sexy women desiring affairs.

Woman seeks $20 million for injuries incurred typing up phony profiles for adultery website | The Raw Story
If she worked every minute of her life she wouldn't make this much money. I don't see how she can ask for this much money even if she did sustain injuries typing up these phony profiles. I also don't see how she could sustain such injuries over a 3 week period. Needless to say I don't believe her and I hope a jury doesn't either.

However I think it should be illegal to use phony profiles on these cheating or dating sites just to get peoples money if they do this. If anyone goes to these places I would be wary of anyone I was talking to.



Embrace the Suck
What people initially seek in lawsuits like this usually don't mean much. Most oftentimes they initially seek a ridiculous amount, sometimes just to see what kind of reaction they can get from any insurance carrier. This amount isn't usually what they ask for from a jury once trial comes around. They usually file amended petitions asking for less. If they don't and this stays as a live pleading it can be used against them at trial to show money as a strong motive.