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20 Cylinder Garage


Do What Thou Wilt
Alright, heres a fun Game. If you could have a garage, filled with any car(s) you want, what would they be? Heres the catch, you need at least four cars, and the maximum is that they can in total have no more than twenty cylinders. For fun's sake, once you make a list of at least four cars, you can go ahead and have as few cars as you want (2). Pictures are optional, but welcome.

Indian Board Track Racer (2)
Norvin Cafe Racer (2)
Jawa DT500 Speedway Racer (1)
Harley Davidson Bobber (2)
BS256 Bike (1)
Honda NR700 (technically 0, but I'll call it 4)
Duacti Panigale (2)
Harley Davidson Tourer (2)
Yamaha R6 (4)
I call this the Bachelor List

Bugatti Veyron (16)
Honda Civic (4)


Free Spirit
Staff member
I would like to have a collection of the old Lincolns like the one that had the suicide doors. Also would like to have a 1970 Challenger, a 69 or 70 GTX, 1969 GTO, hemi Cuda. All the old muscle cars must be 4 speed with a positive track rear end.
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