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2 of ours on the main pulse!


Wanna play?
Just wanted to congratulate Teena and Dawn for making the front page of the pulse!!!
Great job guys....ummmm..girls........I mean.......ladies!!!!!!!!! :D


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Thanks guys! I'm so excited! I really hope someone steps in and hit my reserve. I would SO love to take the kids to Disney and now with another one on the way, there is no way we'll ever be able to afford it on our own.
I've got 411 watchers right now.
Congrats to Wolver & Green too!!!


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WOW Congrads ya'll!!! All of ya!!! I got 50 watchers in one day so I guess that is pretty good! NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT ADDED YOURSELF TO ANY OF OUR WATCH LISTS PLEASE DO SO NOW!! Especially mine before ebay pulls the plug on it! LOL


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Thanks everyone! I never thought it would get this much attention, as of right now I have 1013 watchers and the toast has made news all over the world, I have reached my limit for questions because I'm getting like 100 a day and have been talking to some news stations on doing some interviews! I'm still in shock that it has gotten this big but very excited! Congrats to Wolver & Green, im sure you will be up on the main page very soon! Teena:)
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I dont knwo about everyone else, but I tend to brag to everyone that I know all these "famous" ebay auctionerrs!! Of course they look at me like I'm nuts!!! LOL