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2 charged in fake tea party scheme


Registered Member
In an effort to manipulate elections, fake tea party organizations were set up and candidates put up for election.

Two are being charged and apparently more could be charged.

2 ex-Dem leaders charged in fake tea party scheme | detnews.com | The Detroit News

Given the undoable damage to the election process, what is the appropriate punishment for this type of thing? Long term prison, short term, fines and restitution, sanctions from future political activity?

I'm still pondering it. What do you think?


Registered Member
This is definitely serious. As the article says - it's a felony. Apparently this isn't the only bogus activity one of them has been engaged in.

I'm not sure if what they did is as bad as other types of election fraud, so maybe they don't deserve the maximum punishment. But they still deserve severe repercussions.


Haters gonna hate.
This is not the worst election fraud I have heard of, but I think it is bad enough that they deserve jail time to some extent.

I know that politics is a very harsh and competitive world, but I find that this is too much.


Registered Member
The left has done this ever since the Tea Party gained momentum. Why this surprises anyone at this point is beyond me.